Will international air traffic stop between China and America cause more damage?


The US has stopped air traffic between the two countries, making a big announcement against China. The US decision has been taken after China adopted the wrong policies in Corona virus and other problems.

Let us tell you for information that America has been accusing China since the beginning that China has hidden information about the corona virus. And because of this, more than 1 million people have died in the whole world. And America blames China for this.

At the same time, there are also problems regarding technology transfer between the two countries. The US alleges that China is stealing America’s technology. And is taking wrong advantage of it here. This is the problem between the US and China. Now the US has taken another big step here and has stopped international air traffic.

Will there be any more damage due to air traffic shutdown?

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The US has unilaterally taken strong measures against China and stopped air traffic. Due to the closure of air traffic, the citizens of both countries will not be able to move from one country to another via the airplane. This decision of America is going to come into effect from 16 June. US President Donald Trump has informed this. One thing has become clear from this that tourism between the two countries will also stop. And if tourism stops then both countries are going to suffer.

However, the loss to America will be less. Because America is an expensive country. And Chinese people rarely go there. Let us tell you for information, China is a middle income country. Where people’s income is not much. In such a situation, the citizens there do not like to visit America. Because the cost of traveling to America is very high.

Every year, millions of American people visit China. This has provided employment to millions of people in the tourism industry there. In such a situation, if the Americans do not go around, then there will be a crisis on the employment of millions of people in China. In such a situation, China is going to suffer more losses.

Not to america At the same time, there is one more thing to be seen here, and that is that America is constantly accusing China that it is stealing America’s technology. To deal with this, the US has imposed tougher restrictions on Chinese students. And now no student will be able to go to study. This will harm America. But this will make America’s technology safe.

Economy is not good in China also. And its billions of dollars have reached the verge of sinking. If this happens, there will be more anger among the people against the government there. Let me tell you that China does not have a democracy system. There is a communist communist government there. Which is permanent. There is no democratic election of any kind.

How much will China’s tourism industry suffer

It is certain that China is going to lose billions of dollars due to the US stopping air traffic. But how big this loss will be, it cannot be guessed now.

Experts are hoping that this could cause a loss of about 2% to 3% of China’s GDP. And this is going to be a big loss. Let us tell you for information that China is the second largest economy in the world after America. In such a situation, a loss of 3% in China’s tourism industry is very important. At the same time, it can see a lot of impact in other departments related to the tourism industry. This includes departments such as hotel guides. Where people are directly connected with the tourism industry.

At the same time, America’s move is not going to affect America much. Because very few Chinese people come to visit America. America is an expensive country. And walking there is not easy at all.

Sometimes to travel to the US you may have to spend up to a year’s earnings. In such a situation, America is not going to suffer any big loss by this step. At the same time, the US has already banned Chinese students. Chinese students will neither be able to go to the US nor to study. The US has been accusing Chinese students that Chinese students are sent by the Chinese government. And he goes to America and steals America’s technology for the Chinese government. The FBI has increased surveillance on Chinese students in recent times. That are hurting America

Aviation companies will be affected deeply

After this move of the US, both China and US airlines are going to have a deep impact. Let us tell you for information that the aviation sector is going through a deep crisis all over the world right now. And this move by the US has increased the problems of China’s aviation companies even more. In recent times it has been observed that aviation companies around the world are going through losses. They do not see profits going far and wide. In this case, how long can China bear this deficit economy? It will be a thing to see. With this step, now Chinese airlines will not be able to get loan on interest from American banks. And if that happens, then it will become even more difficult for Chinese airlines.

The US may take even more stringent measures in the coming days to stop China. Recently, the US ended its relationship with the World Health Organization over China. The US President said that the World Health Organization did not give correct information about the Corona virus. Therefore, we are ending the association with the World Health Organization. He alleged that who is acting as a subsidized Chinese. While the US gives him billions of dollars in aid every year.

What effect will this move of America have on other countries?

At this time, countries around the world seem to be united against China. Australia and European countries are already appearing with the US. Britain has also yes to walk with America. In such a situation, the difficulties of China are increasing daily.

While China has been continuously saying that no information about coronavirus has been hidden in China. However the figures of China and the World Health Organization do not match each other. In such a situation, it is clearly seen that China has lied around the world about Coronavirus. Due to this, millions of people have lost their lives.

Now India seems to be happening with America. And if India with a population of about 100 crore goes against China, then this will increase the difficulties of China even more. Let us tell you for information that there is a boundary dispute between India and China. However, China is now looking at backfoot. The chase has started from the border line.

The US may also ask countries like Europe and Australia to end air traffic ties with China. And if air traffic ends up with China from countries like Europe and Britain, then it will pose a serious crisis on Chinese airlines. And the companies there will be on the verge of closure. If the air traffic relationship ends with China, then it will be difficult for the airlines there to get loans from abroad.

For information, let us know that most of the Chinese companies were listed in China ruled Hong Kong. And these airlines were listed there and were taking many benefits from America. But US President Donald Trump has taken a drastic step, ending all facilities released to Hong Kong. And now he will not get any kind of special status. In such a situation, after this step of America on Chinese companies, the clouds of crisis have become even more profound.


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