traveling by train, then apply safety tips from such coronaviruses.


traveling by train, then apply safety tips from such coronaviruses.

Indian Railways has announced to resume its train services from today. In such a situation, the risk of corona virus has increased with this. In such a situation, today we are telling you how you can safely complete your journey.

Let us tell you for information that after Coronavirus once again Indian Railways has decided to start its services. You can book tickets online on IRCTC website from 4:00 pm today.

In the initial phase, 15 trains will be run, after which the number of trains will be increased.

Take care of the seating arrangement

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For the information, let us tell you that due to the corona virus, one person will be made to sit on trains leaving 1 seat. This can seat about 1000 to 1200 people in a train. Respect this system of railways. And sitting on his seat leaving only one seat. Do not try to sit on someone else’s seat. If you do this then the risk of corona virus may increase.

Take a blanket and pillow with you

The Indian Railways has refused to provide blankets and pillows to passengers in view of the danger of corona virus. In such a situation, take your pillow and blanket with you. And try not to give it to anyone else. Or do not give your pillow blanket and other items to any other traveler.

When you get out of the house, take your pillow blanket with you.

Hand sanitizer kept with you

As such, the Indian Railways has assured that social distancing will be completely followed to prevent the corona epidemic. But if possible, then you must carry a hand sanitizer with you. If you do not have one, you can also take soap with you. Remember not to give your hand sanitizer soap to any other traveler.

Travel only if necessary

The journey in Indian Railways has started at an early stage. In such a situation, it is not necessary for you, then you postpone the journey for the present. And when the threat of coronavirus is averted, then start your journey. Remember that prevention of coronavirus is its solution. No coronavirus is available in the market yet.

If it is still necessary for you to travel then you must follow social distancing.

Prevention is the only way

Coronavirus will remember that no person is still available in the market. In such a situation, prevention of coronavirus is its solution. Also, follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and World Health Organization in full.

If you will be safe, your family will be safe. And at the same time the whole society and country will also be safe. Tell you for information that coronavirus can be spread by untouchability and shaking hands. In such a situation, keep yourself safe. And travel safely. We want to tell you once again that this trip is not necessary, then postpone the journey for the moment. For the information, let us know that 15 trains will be run in the initial phase. Further 300 trains will be operated.


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