Travel to Bali,the most beautiful place of Indonesia.


If you like a place where there is a beach and there is also a different place to hang out, then welcome to Bali. Bali is located in Indonesia. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. There is also an airport in Jakarta. Apart from this, you will find a small airport in Jakarta as well as Bali. The Indonesian rupee is the Indonesian currency. If we convert it to Indian currency, you will get one lakh Indonesian rupees for about ₹ 500. In this way, you can understand that Indonesia has very low price in international market. Travelers get the benefit of this. Because he can roam beautiful places like Bali cheaply.

Travel to Bali, Bali,

If you are from India, you must first go to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore. After that you can go to Jakarta. By the way, you can also go directly to Bali from Singapore. But there are very few flights, so you have to go to Jakarta first. After that you can go from Jakarta to Bali. Few cities in India operate flights to Jakarta. Which includes Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. In such a situation, if you want to go directly to Jakarta from India, then that option is also available with you. But you have to take care of how long the flight takes off. Because the number of flights is very small.

Visa on Arrival facility is also available

If you are going to visit Bali or Jakarta from India, you will also get the facility of Visa on Arrival there. However, checking in Indonesia is a bit strict. In such a situation, you may have to face a lot of trouble. But believe me it is nothing in front of the beauty of Bali. Your travel bags and clothing will also be checked. You are given a 30-day Visa on Arrival Travel in Jakarta. Some people start working there in the name of traveling. That is why this checking is so strict. You should also have enough money to move around. Then you will be given a visa on arrival. Well, there is not much problem.

So let’s roam around Bali

Don’t exchange currency at the airport

Travel to Bali, Bali airport,
Bali airport

If you are landing at Jakarta Airport or at Bali Airport, do not get a currency exchange from there. Because the rates are quite poor here. If we talk about Indonesian currency, you get 200 Indonesian rupiah in one Indian rupee. Yes, to travel to the hotel, exchange a little money in Indonesian rupees. Because it is important for you.

Also, do not buy a SIM card from the airport. Because SIM cards are very expensive here. You get a SIM card for about 15 rupees. In which 25 to 30 GB data is available for 30 days. If you buy this sim card from outside, you will get it for around 100 Indian rupees. You will also get more data as well. In Indonesia, you also get free WiFi at all airports. Bali Airport will give you a little different from the rest of the world. At the same time, Bali is mostly inhabited by people of Hinduism. You will also get its exam on the way.

Owl vattu temple Bali

Owl watu tempal Bali, travel to Bali, Bali travel,
Owl watu tempal Bali

On the first day we hired a scooty to hang out. You can hire Scooty here for 24 hours for ₹ 300. After this we went to the Owl Watu Temple.

The owl vattu temple is one of the most famous places in Bali. If you are coming to Bali then owl vatu temple must come once. You will already see a lot of tourists here. Because it is a famous place of Bali. The entry ticket here will cost you ₹ 250. Here you will be given a cloth like a lungi. You should tie this cloth below your waist. Only then you will be given entry. You can also take children along with a ticket of ₹ 150. You will also see a beach near Owl Watau Temple. Which is very beautiful to see. This place is absolutely worth the money. In such a situation, if you are traveling to Bali, then you must go here. By the way, the best time to go to this temple is evening. Because then you can also see sunset here. At the same time, there are many cultural events here in the evening. You can watch these cultural events for free. If you are going to Owl Watu Temple, then do not forget to take an elephant symbol from here. It will always keep your memories fresh. This will cost you around ₹ 300.

Garun Vishnu Kansana Bali

Graun Vishnu kansana Bali, Bali travel, travel to Bali,
Graun Vishnu kansana Bali

The second most famous tourist destination of Bali is Garuda Vishnu Kansana. Here you will see very big statues of Garuda. Let me tell you that Garuda is a bird. Apart from this, you will also see big statues of Lord Vishnu here. Its entry ticket is around ₹ 650. If the child is with you, you will have to take a separate ticket of ₹ 500. Apart from this, around ₹ 200 you will have to pay for the shuttle separately.

Graun Vishnu kansana Bali,garun Vishnu kansana, Bali travel,
Graun Vishnu kansana Bali

As soon as you go inside Garuna Vishnu Kansana, you will get to see big statues of Lord Garuda. The largest statue here is situated in a beautiful location in the middle of the mountains. By the way, the main Garuda idol is 122 meters high. So if you are going to Bali then definitely visit this place once. By the way, if you see this idol from the front, then you will find it very big. If you want to see it from above also, you can also go up. But my luck was not good. And then construction was going on here. Because of this I could not get over Garun Vishnu Kansana. To go up, you will have to take a separate ticket of ₹ 200.

Tana Lot Temple Bali

Tana Lot Temple Bali, Bali travel, travel to Bali, Bali travel story,
Tana Lot Temple Bali

After this you can go to Tana Lot Temple in Bali. However it is not allowed inside this temple. But here you can definitely go to the beach. It is a quite beautiful place. For this, you have to take a ticket of about ₹ 250. You go here in the evening. Because then the sea remains far behind here. And you will also get to see quite a beautiful sunset view. You can also take some of your pictures here. Which you can keep as a memory later. I also clicked some of my pictures here.

Pantai Batu Beach Bali

Pantaie Batu beach Bali, travel to Bali, Bali travel,
Pantaie Batu beach Bali

However, the name is a bit strange. But it is a beautiful beach. So here you can come. It would be better if you go in the evening. Because at that time you will get to see very beautiful sunset. Here you will also see a cultural event. In which people catch the bird and throw it in the sea. So if you are going to the beach then go only in the evening. By the way, when I went to the beach, I stayed here in the evening. Entry on this beach is absolutely free. Another special thing that makes this beach different from the rest of the world is that the high waves you will get here, such high waves will not be seen on any beach of the world. That is why I was very excited to see this palace.

Finance Beach Club Bali
Finance beach club Bali, travel to Bali, Bali beach club,
Finance beach club Bali

If you are not traveling to Bali. And the Phosus Beach Club has not gone, then believe that your earpage trop is incomplete. The beauty of here is here. Where you can get things in the free. Here you can go from the evening at 11:00 pm from 11:00 to the night. In the evening, if you run in this club. If you are in the player every time it is in the bed. If I even went to this club, then you also thought in this club and here because the entry is free, then you can think of drinking some later. The problem with the currency of Indonesia is the issue of the person’s expenditure on the Indonesia’s currency. This will give you a few coins here in 2000 Indians. Also you will get some coins here in this 2000 Indian rupees. Also you will get some coins here in this 2000 Indian rupees. Also you will get some coins here in this way, if you are able to get information about the school about the earliest, then it will be right for you.

East Bali Travel

After you, you will need to see some good places here. Here, in the Indonesia, petrol is very cheap in Indonesia. You will find 1 liter petrol at here. We had a car to ie 5,000 in East Bali Travel. In such a way, if you are going to East Bali, you can also do a car.

East Bali Indonesia, Bali travel, Bali travel story, travel,
East Bali Indonesia

After this, the owl went tample. Here, you will find a lot of templant to look at the whole earrings. But here you will find a middle that is very beautiful.

Also if you are going to East, then do not forget the food strawberry food. Here you will find a strawberry plate in 100. The strawberry takes a lot of delicious to eat against India.

Handara Gate East Bali
Handara gate East Bali Indonesia, travel to Bali,
Handara gate East Bali Indonesia,

when you are going to this East Bali, you get to see the ground gate. Here you can click the photos. If you click Photovice from the great view of this gate, then you have to take 300 300 tickets. Well I had to click the photo from the distance. Because no more means going to go.

Banu mala waterfall bali
Banu mala waterfall Bali, Bali waterfall, travel to Bali
Banu mala waterfall Bali

Mala Waterfol, is also a maximum waterfall. You will find a little bit of the fracture in the beginning. The people here come to much angle. So if you go early in the morning then you will get the crowd here. Here the entry ticket is free. If you go with someone you can also be a great beautiful lie. If you swimming, you can also swimming under this waterfall. But if you do not swimming, then my advice will be that you take away the waterfall’s joy.

Banu mala waterfall Bali, Bali waterfall, Travel to Bali
Banu mala waterfall Bali
Kuta Market Bali

Kutat Market is quite famous all over Indonesia. If you will see nightlife anywhere in Indonesia, then it will be seen in Kuta Market itself. By the way, if you are expecting night life here like Thailand, then you will feel disappointed. By the way, here you can get a massage etc. Apart from this, you can also do some shopping etc. here. I bought a travel bag for myself from Kuta Market. Which I still have today. As well as here, you will also see Kuta Beach. Which is the most famous place here. And this beach attracts people towards itself.

Kuta market Bali Indonesia, Bali travel, Travel to Bali,
Kuta market Bali

Our trip to Bali is not over yet. I will write another article for you in the next part about different beach and some other famous place here. In the same article, I will tell you how much your travel budget can be here. Apart from this, the second part of Thailand tour is also coming soon.


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