Travel influencers around the world are in trouble due to corona virus


Travel influencers all over the world are going through difficult times due to Coronavirus. Travel influencers are unable to travel anywhere due to Corona virus.

Tourist destinations are currently closed around the world due to the Corona virus. In such a situation, the difficulties of the travel influencer are increasing day by day. And right now there is no hope of how long these travel destinations will open.

Travel influencer is struggling with lack of content

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The biggest challenge for the travel influencer is to generate content. For information, let us know that wherever you go, the travel influencer makes a video blog about it. And share information related to their experience and travel. Currently, YouTube is the largest revenue earning medium for the travel influencer. But due to the closure of travel destinations in all countries for about 2 to 3 months now, the problem of lack of content has arisen in front of travel influencers. He is going through difficult times.

All the travel related channels on YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing app, are closed. And the content is not being uploaded on them.

Travel influencers have lost their way of income

YouTube was the biggest earning source of travel influencers. But they do not have content. In such a situation, he is unable to upload the video not on his YouTube channel. And they are not earning any money right now. Whatever they are earning now is coming from old videos.

But subscribers of travel influencers have already watched the earlier videos. In such a situation, views are coming down on them too. At the same time, the subscribers of travel influencers are decreasing due to lack of content. And at the same time their popularity is being affected.

His channel is earning very less. When we talked to some travel influencers, they said that the revenue of our channel has come down by almost 90%. In such a situation, we are facing difficult times. He said that we do not even know that the situation will be normal by now. Perhaps by the year 2020, due to the Corona virus, this is how it gets out. And if this happens, the difficulties for travelers are going to increase even more.

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing app

YouTube is the biggest way for travel influencers to create and share video content. But currently because all travel destinations are closed. In such a situation, they do not have any new content.

If anyone has any travel related content, it is so low that, now it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to provide new content.

Even if travel influencers are earning, then it is also very rare. According to one estimate, earnings of travel influencers have decreased by almost 90%. Because their videos are outdated. The other problem is for them for the advertisement rate. Advertisement is coming on YouTube videos right now. Their CPC is very low. For this reason, travel influencers are earning less than their old videos. Because there is a recession in the whole world at this time.

In such a situation, advertisers have pulled back from advertising. Because almost everywhere in the world, business is closed. In such a situation, if business does not work, then advertisers will show advertisements on YouTube for what. Travels are facing all these difficulties these days.

Instagram is the second biggest earning source for travel influencers. Travel influencers earn money via sponsored posts on Instagram. But right now almost all types of businesses in the world are closed. In such a situation, the option of tree post with these travel influencers is also ending. Because no company is currently ready to pay for posting them. In such a situation, his eye on Instagram has also decreased from 70 to 80%.

Due to the closure of business related to travel influencers, the sponsored post is also not available. Hotels, airplanes, travel companies and all manner of businesses related to travel influencers are closed.

Travel influencers expect from the coming days

Travel influencers are hoping that everything will be correct in the coming days. And their earnings will resume. When we talked to some travelling influencers, they said that we are hoping that everything will be correct in the coming days. And we will return to the previous days.

When we talked to a travel influencer, he said that I should have been in a country in South America right now. And in the amount of time I have wasted in Coronavirus, I would have completed 3 trips so far. But nothing is happening because of the corona virus. And I am constantly getting upset sitting at home. Can’t understand what to do? Although nothing can be said about how long this condition will be normal! In such a situation, our difficulties are constantly increasing.

The same expert believes that if the business starts again after the coronavirus in the coming time. Even then the market will remain slow. In such a situation, travel influencers are also believed to be affected. It can take up to 1 year for the world to come out of all these situations.

It is expected that by January-February this year, the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the market! But at the moment it is difficult to say anything.


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