This whole world revolves around virtual reality after Corona


The whole world revolved around virtual reality after Coronavirus.

The whole world is about to change during the corona virus and after the corona virus. And the corona virus is leaving its mark in almost every region. Where Coronavirus is causing the world economy to stall. At the same time, we also have to pay attention to the circumstances after going to Coronavirus. Where we have to innovate.

If you are thinking of going somewhere after the corona virus is over, stop for 1 minute. You may not have to go to see any place. And you also get the experience of going to that place from virtual reality. And you can also get complete information about that place. And this is called virtual reality. In virtual reality you can also get a live feed about that place.

Experience will be like real travel

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You will experience real travel in virtual reality. You will feel that you are in the same place. But actually you will be sitting in your house or in a room. It sounds as exciting as listening. It is also really exciting to experience.

Complete information about that place

When we go to visit some place, we cannot get full information about that place. But this will not happen with virtual reality. When you go to roam in some place, you will get all the information there. You will also get a live feed as well.

We understand from the example of Taj Mahal here. Suppose you want to see the Taj Mahal. And you went to roam that place through virtual reality. If you click on the Taj Mahal here, you will get to see the story of the Taj Mahal from its construction. As well as virtual reality, you will also enjoy live streaming. You can also feel the environment around the Taj Mahal under virtual reality.

Hotel industry will also get help

It is not that virtual reality will only affect places related to travel. Rather it will also affect the hotel industry. If you want to see a room in the hotel industry, now you can only see photos or some videos there. You can watch full live streaming of that room after virtual reality arrives. As well as staying in virtual reality there, you can see whether you are able to feel comfortable there or not. If you do not like the room in virtual reality. So you can choose any other place except that place.

Government and private companies will have to come together

Government and private companies will have to come together for the infrastructure of virtual reality. Both will benefit from this. At the same time tourism will also get a boost. This will not only boost tourism. In fact, there may be a huge increase in the revenue of the government as well. At present, people do not roam most of the place due to the distance and time spent. In this case, virtual reality can solve this problem.


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