The fifth phase of the lock down in the country will start from June 1, the central government issued guidelines


The fifth phase of Lok Down in the country is going to start from June 1. For this, the Central Government Guidelines were released. The fifth phase of the guidelines will be opened to the country. The central government has issued about this.

Let us tell you for information that the fifth phase of people work will be implemented simultaneously in the whole country. And most of the things have been opened. However heavy industries will be opened after 8 June. Religious sites have also been allowed to open from 1 to 8 June.

The first phase of Lok Down will be in the 5th phase of lock down from 1 June to 8 June. Religious sites will be opened in this fifth phase. For this, however, the Central Government has issued guidelines. And added some conditions to open religious sites. According to the conditions, social distancing should be taken care of at religious places. At the same time there should not be much crowd gathering at religious places together. Religious events will continue to be banned for the time being.

International air traffic will continue in the fifth phase

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Narendra Modi

In the fifth phase of the same lock-down, it has been decided to stop international air traffic. And at the same time the international borders of the country are also currently sealed till 30 June.

Let us tell you for information that the aviation industry of the country is going through a difficult phase at this time. And he does not even have money left to pay his employees. In such a large number of people from aviation sector are becoming unemployed. Due to this, there is increasing pressure on the central government. And the domestic flights will continue for the time being.

Schools and colleges can open from July 1

Also, the decision to open schools and colleges in the fifth phase of lock down has been left to the state governments. However, schools and colleges will remain closed till June 30. Whether the schools and colleges will open on July 1, only the state government can decide.

For information, we will tell you that most crowds are seen in schools and colleges. And it becomes quite difficult to follow social distancing here. Also, there is more shortage of space in schools and colleges which are in cities. In such a situation, social distancing becomes almost impossible. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what decision the state governments take on July 1 to open schools and colleges.

Cinema hall and gym will be closed in the fifth phase of Lok Down

In the fifth phase of lock down almost everything has been opened. Which does not include the gym and cinema hall. The Gym Cinema Hall is currently closed.

The Bollywood industry is facing problems due to the closure of the cinema hall. And those who have already been made in the film have been forced to loan on the OTT platform. They are facing heavy losses. In such a situation, the wait for the Bollywood industry has increased by 1 month.

Shopping malls have been opened in the fifth phase. It was constantly being demanded. Let us tell you for information that shopping malls are also very crowded. But the central government has issued new guidelines regarding opening of shopping malls. According to this, if there is too much crowd, then it can be closed. State governments have been authorized.

Transport arrangements will continue between states

The central government has taken the decision of the fifth phase of the people regarding the system. The central government believes that the country has become very weak. And now it has become necessary to open Lok Down in the country.

Let me tell you, due to heavy relief package and heavy expenses, it was necessary for the Central Government and State Governments to open the lock down continuously.


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