Start the fourth phase of lock down in the country, know what new instructions have come


People continue to down due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country. And this people down will now continue till May 31. For this, the Union Home Ministry has issued new orders. At the same time new guidelines have also been made for this.

Almost all of the same things will remain locked in the fourth phase lock down. Which was locked in the third phase lock down. In such a situation, there is hope for air traffic. The government’s directive regarding the lock down is clear that at the moment almost no exemption can be given. However, there are some activities that the state government and union territories have to decide on whether to start or not.

Lock down 4 Air traffic will be closed

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Lockdown phase 4

With the fourth phase of Lok Down, it was expected that air traffic could be started. According to media reports, it was being said that Air India could start some of its flights. But it does not seem to be happening. The Union Home Ministry said that air traffic will remain closed in the fourth phase of Lok Down. And till May 31, all activities will be closed due to air traffic.

Know what is going to be closed in the fourth phase of lock down

A clear instruction from the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the fourth phase of lock-down has come out. According to this, all restrictions such as school educational institute training institute Jim cinema hall, university public gathering, political parties organizing religious events will be applicable in this phase also.

According to the new rules of the fourth phase of Lok Down, it is the decision of the state governments to decide where 144 Section will be applicable. Also, the decision to create a red zone has also been left to the state governments for the fourth phase.

From now it has also become clear that the examinations of various educational institutions of the country including CBSE and RBSE will not be conducted till 31 May.

Metro service will be closed in the fourth phase of Lok Down

People’s eyes were on whether metro services could be given some leeway in the fourth phase of lock down. But this time the central government has clearly stated in its instructions that metro services will be closed in the fourth phase of Lok Down.

Interstate bus services may start

The central government has stated in its guidelines that it will depend on the state governments and union territories, whether they want to start their inter-state bus service or not. If a state wants to start inter-state bus service from here. And if both states agree, then the Interested Bus can be started. Although left over the states and union territories.

5 zones have been created across the country

In the first country, three zones Green Yellow and Red Zone were created due to Coronavirus Mahavariya. However, now the state government has increased the number of these areas, including the Content John and Buffer Zone. There will now be intensive testing in the content zone. Which will lead to an attempt to prevent coronavirus.

However, state governments have to decide which zone will be in which category.

The central government has also issued new instructions regarding the same Red John. According to the Red Zone, now those people will not be able to go out of these areas. If they do not have a medical emergency or there is no urgent work.

Ban will continue on children and the elderly

In Lok Down 4, children and the elderly will continue to be banned like people down 3. Elderly persons who are over 65 years of age will be considered. Simultaneously, children 10 years or younger have also been instructed to stay in their homes. Regardless of which one comes in the zone.

Night curfew will continue

The government has also not issued instructions regarding the night down curfew on lock down 4. Accordingly, the night curfew will continue in all areas. According to this, people will not be able to get out of the houses on the streets at night.


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