Should India’s tourism industry also get an economic package?


Governments are announcing an economic package to promote the tourism industry worldwide. The tourism industry is going through a bad phase these days due to the corona virus epidemic. And to bring the tourism industry out of its worst phase, governments around the world are announcing an economic package. But this does not seem to be happening in India.

Although tourism is completely closed in India right now. And cases of corona virus are also increasing in India. But whenever the tourism industry is restarted, the economic package should be announced for the tourism industry. Let us tell you for the information that the tourism industry in India is rated. At the same time, millions of people are associated with the tourism industry. To whom the tourism industry provides employment.

In such a situation, if the Government of India wants to save people from being unemployed, then it is necessary to announce a special economic package for the tourism industry, as well as if immediate assistance is provided to the tourism sector then it will also be for the tourism sector. would be better.

What should be included in the tourism sector’s economic package

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If the government announces a separate economic package for the tourism sector, then there should be something for everyone related to the hotel business to tourism sector. As well as the tourists who come to visit our country, or locally visit the Tourists India. An economic package can be announced for them. Japan can give economic incentives to tourists visiting here on the lines of Mexico and Sicily. Under this, tourism industry can get a boost if the government of India bears the expenses of 50%. At the same time, the tourism industry can return to India again.

However, to start tourist-related tourist destinations, the government must first bring the coronavirus under control. Only then will this economic package be effective.

At the same time, it has also been seen in India that tickets are given at a very expensive price for foreigners visiting tourist places. The rate of these tickets can also be reduced. So that foreign tourists are attracted here.

It is not that any scheme of the Government of India does not exist in the country to attract foreign tourists. If you roam in India within 1 year according to the government’s set standards, then the Indian government bears your expenses. And you are given the full refund. In some cases this may also work. It depends on your expenses. But the government of India will also have to promote these schemes on a large scale. This can benefit the tourism industry more. Also, the government can also implement this type of scheme for foreign tourists. It is generally seen that more foreign tourists come to India and spend money than native tourists. This will increase people’s employment. At the same time, the hotel industry will also get a boost. Indian tourists mostly come to visit one day. So do not stop at the hotel. Also, in restaurants, etc., they eat less food. In such a situation, if foreign tourists are attracted, then it will be much better for tourism.

State governments will also have to come forward

It is not that it is the job of the central government to promote only tourism in India. For the information, let us know that tourism is included in the Constitution in the Concurrent List in India. This means that it is the job of both the central and state governments to promote tourists. In such a situation, the state governments can also jointly set a policy. Or, according to the convenience of their state, can issue a tourism policy right now. Which includes connecting tourist places as well as proper arrangement of public transportation to tourist places. At the same time, the state governments can announce a special economic package for tourism. If a person leaves a job, financial assistance can also be announced for him.

Air India has demanded economic package

Recently, an organization related to the airline Air India has also demanded the economic package. The organization says that employees belonging to Air India should be given an economic package. So that their everyday life can run smoothly.

The organization says that Air India employees are doing a lot of risky work. And this is the need of the country. He said that Air India has stood with the country in all difficult times. At this time, while the employees belonging to Air India are going through a difficult period. The government should come forward at such a time, and announce an economic package for them.

According to the need of the country, for which the economic package

Recently it has been seen that many governments of the world have announced economic package to promote tourism sector in their country. Which includes countries like Japan and Mexico.

In such a situation, there is a continuous demand that in India also the economic package should be announced for the tourism sector. However we do not need to imitate any country. And according to our requirements, the economic package should be announced. First of all, it should be seen that who needs tourism for economic package? The need should be determined. So that the economic package can be fully taken advantage of. Those who are related to tourism have witnessed the job. If it is not possible to give them a job, then the government can also declare direct financial assistance for such people.

Recently, an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees has been announced by the government. But it is said that most of the loans are given. And this loan will also be given at very high interest rates. In such a situation, it will not be able to help the tourism industry much. If the government also has to give loan, it can be given at low rates or interest free loan. This will greatly benefit the tourism industry. Also, more time can be given to pay the loan installment. However, RBI has recently extended this period by 6 months. But still, for those new loans taken in the tourism industry, a little longer time can be given to repay the loan.

FAQ related tourism in India

How big is India’s tourism industry?

Tourism is given industry status in India, and it contributes 5% of the total GDP of India.

How many people have lost jobs in the tourism industry?

According to a survey, more than one crore people related to tourism industry in India have lost their jobs.

To whom can the government provide financial assistance in the tourism industry?

For those who have lost their jobs more than 10 million, there should be a provision for either job. Or they should be given direct financial support by the government.

Where are the employment opportunities in the tourism industry?

If you want employment in the tourist industry, then you can become a tourist guide for this. Can become a travel blogger. Or you can take a job in hotels or aviation companies.

Which business professionals can be started in tourism?

You can open a travel company, or take a travel franchise for yourself. For travel franchises you can typeup with companies like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo.


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