Shillong Tour Plan and Story Part 2.


In Part 1 of Shillong Tour Plan we saw quite a lot of people. Today we will talk about some of Shillong and other fascinating and attractive places.

This time I decided to do something different in Shillong and I booked a ticket from the tour plan center in Shillong. And decided to get off the bus of MTDC. This trip was quite exciting. For this I had to spend ₹ 500.

Canyon point

Canyon Point, Shillong travel
Canyon Point

We reached the Canyon Point first by MTDC bus. For entry here, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 10. Today my tour is going to be full day. That is, I will travel all day today by MTDC bus.

Canyon point is a beautiful place at the height of the mountains. You might have seen such a place in photos or videos. If you go to see the canyon view point here, then it may prove to be an unbeatable moment of your life.

Rivel living root bridge Shillong

Rivol Living Bridge, Shillong travel
Rivol Living Bridge

After that I decided to see the Rivol Living Bridge in Shillong. The way to reach here is quite bad and narrow. But if you reach here by MTDC bus, then you will not face any kind of problem. To see the Rival Living Root Bridge, you have to go deep inside. And every year a large number of tourists come here. In such a situation, you can say that it is a very famous tourist place in Shillong. In such a situation, if you are traveling to Shillong then do not forget to see this bridge.

To come here, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 20. The River Living Route Bridge is approximately 30 meters long. And it is more than 100 years old. This bridge was first seen in 1840. This bridge is completely made of trees. That is why this bridge is named Living Root Bridge. This bridge is built over a river. You have to cross this bridge to cross the river. Which is quite exciting. It has been rebuilt a few days ago. This bridge is one of the most famous tourist place not only of Shillong but also of Meghalaya. This bridge is located very close to the Bangladesh border.

Mawlynnong village Shillong

Mawlynnong village Shillong, Shillong travel
Mawlynnong village Shillong

This village has received the award for the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. You will find around 100 houses here. The population here is very small.

You will also find some treehouses here. However when I went there that day it was closed because of Sunday. In such a situation, keep in mind that you do not go to this village on Sunday. You will also find toilets here at some distance. Perhaps this is why this village received the award for Asia’s cleanest village. During this tour, one thing you have to keep in mind that you will only get rice and lentils and some vegetables here. If you are thinking of eating bread here, you will not find it here. Food in Meghalaya is quite spicy.

India Bangladesh border

After that we reached to see the India Bangladesh border. You will also get to see a lot of tourists here. Entry here is absolutely free. By the way, if you want to go to Bangladesh, then you can also go to Bangladesh from here. You will find it much cheaper. But for this you have to have a passport.

Docky river
Docky river Shillong, Shillong travel
Docky river Shillong

Docky River is famous for its crystal clear water. Here you get to see the bottom of the river very clearly. India is on one side of this river and Bangladesh on the other side. If you take a step here, you will reach India. And if we take a step there, you will reach Bangladesh. Well here you will see the notice boards of India. Do not cross the border where it is written. But if you have a visa then you can cross the border. By the way, even without a visa, you can try and step. There is no problem in this.

You will get to see crystal clear water only when you come here during the day. You will not get to see very clear water here in the evening. When there is direct sunlight on the river, you get to see very clear water. In such a situation, if you want to see the Docky River, then I come here during the day. Another interesting thing about Shillong I tell you here, women wear sari-like clothes here. They are called frock here.

After this you can visit the local market of Shillong, Bada Bazaar. Here you will find everything from betel nut to paan. While going here keep in mind that this is no plastic zone. In such a situation, do not use polythene. Otherwise you can be fined. If you are going to see a big market, then eat the pan here. Because it is very famous here. And it is also very tasty to eat.

Monsiram Ram, Cherrapunji

Apart from this, you can go to see Mausi Ram and Cherrapunji. It receives the highest rainfall in the world. Although I did not go to both these places. It is a place of at least 2 days both. Where you have to go for 2 days. In such a situation, I did not go here. But if you want to go you can go. By the way, you can also take a day trip by bus from Shillong. But then if you go from here by bus then you will not see much things. In such a situation, if you are going to see monsinram and Cherrapunji, then make a plan for 2 days.

How much will it cost to visit Shillong and the surrounding places

Now if we talk about the expenses of moving here, then you may have to spend around ₹ 10000 for this. In this, you will have to spend around ₹ 2000 to eat. Apart from this, you will have to spend ₹ 4000 to stay. Here you will get a comfortable hotel for a person for ₹ 800. Apart from this, if you talk about the cost of commuting, then you may have to spend around ₹ 4000 more. You can also include your small expenses and expenses.

If you want to reduce this expense, you can book a room in the guest house here. These rooms are very cheap. Apart from this, if you use public transportation, you can save up to ₹ 2000. If you want to get a hotel in Shillong then you should take it around the police market. Because from here you will get bus taxi and all the facilities for the whole of Meghalaya. Apart from this, if you go to travel to a place like Cherrapunji by local buses, then your expenses can be cut further.

What season to visit Shillong

By the way, people can visit you in any season. But if you are troubled by the heat, then you can come here in summer. Because in summer, the temperature here is very low. In such a situation, you can visit here from May to July. By the way, if you want to enjoy the rain, then you can visit here from July to September.

And finally the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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