Ooty travel story and plan


It is very easy to reach Ooty for walking. Because it is 275 km from Bengaluru and if you want to go to Ooty from Coimbatore, then it is just 35 km from there. If you want to come by flight, then you can land in Coimbatore or Bangalore. Also, rail service is also present at both these places. So you can come here by train. My advice would be that you reach Coimbatore first because the distance from Coimbatore to Ooty is only 85 kilometers. As soon as you get down to Coimbatore, there will be direct direct bus from there. By the way, you will get a direct bus from Bangalore to Ooty.

As soon as you reach Ooty’s main bus stand. Here you will see shops to stay nearby and to eat and drink. Also, if you want to go to Bengaluru and any nearby city, then a bus will be available from here. You will also find a lot of taxis that can take you to the site scene. If you resort to these taxis, then it is cheaper for you.

I booked a shared bus to Ooty. For this I had to spend only ₹ 250 for the whole day. Shared bus will be affordable to you but it is not comfortable. If you want to come to Ooty for honeymoon etc., then it is necessary that you either book a private taxi, or rent a bike. It will be more comfortable and fun for you. If you take a bike on rent, then your honeymoon will be full of adventure. This can double your fun.

So let’s turn to Ooty

Ooty Lake

Ooty lake
Ooty lake

First of all went to roam Ooty Lake in the first day. This lake is quite big and beautiful. To enter the Ooty Lake, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 15. You can also do boating here. There are different charges for this. Ooty Lake is located near the main city, so you must go here. After going to Ooty Lake, you can do a lot of activities there. If you have children with you then this place is perfect for children. By the way, there are many things that you can do here for the elders. You can also do horse riding here as well. Here you may have to spend from ₹ 50 to ₹ 200 for an activity.

After this you can go to Ooty’s Thread Garden. Here you will see variety of different flowers. By the way, this garden is very small. But fun to watch. You will have to spend ₹ 20 for entry here. Thread Garden is situated in front of Ooty Lake. If you have less time, you can also skip this place.

Divine Highland ooty

After this you can go to the Divine Highland of Ooty. From here you will get to see very beautiful views. Also, if you want to see the whole Ooty in one scene, then you must go to Divine Highland. For entry here, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 10. But this place is very fun.

After seeing all these places you can leave for Coonoor. The distance from Ooty to Coonoor is about 25 kilometers. You will see lots of tea gardens all along the way. Which will make your journey even more fun.

Coonoor tea garden

Coonoor tea garden
Coonoor tea garden

First of all you can visit Tea Garden after reaching Coonoor. Here you will see big tea gardens. Where there will be greenery all around, as well as the fragrance of these plants, it may be a forgettable moment for you in life. You must have heard a lot of tea variety. These include green tea and multi herbal tea and more. But I first heard Chocolate Tea. When I tested it, it was quite fun. That’s why I bought a half-kilogram packet of chocolate tea. It cost me around ₹ 160.

Dolphin Nose and Lambs Rock

After this you can go to Ooty’s Dolphin Nose and Lambs Rock. From here you will get to see quite a beautiful view of the entire Ooty. Here you will have to take a ticket of ₹ 10 for entry. However, if you have been to a place before where you have got a view of the whole city, then it may not be that special for you. But still you can definitely go here once.

Botanical Garden Ooty
Botanical garden ooty
Botanical garden ooty

After this, you can visit the Botanical Garden, one of the most popular places in Ooty. This garden was completed in 1848. And situated at an altitude of about 2250 meters. This garden is quite beautiful to see. Its height makes it even more beautiful. For entry here too, you have to take a ticket of around ₹ 40.

Another special thing of the Botanical Garden is that you are surrounded by greenery from all sides. And there are litigations all around. For this reason, this view looks even more beautiful.

After visiting the Botanical Garden, you can visit the market located nearby. This is the main market of Ooty. You can shop from here. If going to Ooty, do not forget to buy chocolate from here. Ooty’s chocolate is famous all over India. You can also buy Fruits Vagaira from here. By the way, let me tell you for information that the Tibetan market here is also very famous. So you can also shop from there.

Second day trip

The next day I hired a bike for a trip to Ooty. By the way, let me tell you that you cannot take a bike on rent in Ooty. Here it is completely banned. But I did it all with a jugaad. When you travel by bus, you have to travel with other people according to their plan. Which I did not like at all. By the way, you can hire a private cab here. It is available here. For a private cab, you may have to spend from around ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000.

Pine forest ooty

Pine forest ooty
Pine forest ooty

After this you can go to see the point forest of Ooty. When you are on the way, you see big pine trees. To get to Pine Forest, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 10. When you look at these pine forest trees, you feel that these trees are coming from the sky.

It is one of the popular places in Ooty. Many tourists come here. As well as the pine forest, you will also see a river and lake. It is also quite spectacular. A lot of films have also been shot in Pine Forest of Ooty. If you get to see scenes in Pine Forest, especially in Bollywood, then understand that their shooting is done here. Most of the films are from the 90s. Here in front of the pine forest, you will also see large grasslands. Where Bollywood films are shot. This scene is quite beautiful to see. You will have to read about CD Dar farms in your school books. That CD Dar Khet will also be seen here on the mountains.

Wenlock point Ooty

You have to climb very high to reach the vanlock point. This tiredness can be big. For entry here, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 10. The view from Wenlock point is quite beautiful. If you are a travel photographer, then this place can be perfect for you.

Pycra Travel

After this you can visit Pyakra Boat House, one of the most famous tourist places of Ooty. Here all the facilities of the type of boating you want to do are available. However, there are different charges for different voting here.

Apart from this, you will also see waterfall in Pyakra. In such a situation, if you are going to Papaya, you can also see this waterfall. This waterfall is very beautiful to see. To enter the main area of the waterfall, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 10.

If you have been to any of the South States. And if you did not eat idli sambar and dosa there then your journey is incomplete. Also, in South India, food is served on banana leaves. Which is wonderful in itself. The tradition of serving food on banana leaves is around 1000 years old.

Apart from this, if you are fond of eating chocolate, then Ooty can be a perfect place for you. If you buy chocolate from Edams Chowk in Ooty, here you get chocolate quite cheap. You may have to spend ₹ 150 for a hundred and fifty grams of chocolate by buying chocolate from Edams Chowk.

Rose Garden Ooty
Rose garden ooty
Rose garden ooty

After this you can go to see the garden of vomit daily. The Rose Garden is located near the main city of Ooty. This garden is very big and beautiful. To enter here, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 40. You get to see a very beautiful view of the entire Ooty from the Rose Garden of Ooty.

If you are going to Ooty in the rainy season, do not forget to carry an umbrella there. In addition, if you carry a raincoat for yourself, it will be even better. Because in Ooty it rains a lot during the rains.

How much will it cost to roam

If you are going to roam Ooty, then you will have to visit Ooty for at least 2 days. For 2 days hotel booking you may have to spend ₹ 1500. Apart from this, you may have to spend thousands of rupees on food. If you roam Ooty by private vehicle, then for this you will have to spend around 2500 rupees. As I said in the above post, if you roam Ooty by bus, it will be much cheaper for you. And you will get to roam Ooty here for around ₹ 700. But if you want to roam Ooty comfortably, then my advice would be that you go through one of their private vehicles. The bike is not found on rent here. There is a restriction here. But if you want to rent a bike then you will get it. However, it is not commercial. This way you can move around comfortably for around 5000 to ₹ 6000. There is not much room to roam here. In such a situation, if you do not plan to visit Ooty for more than 2 days, it will be better. But if you want to roam in a nearby city like Bengaluru or Coimbatore, then you can increase your plan of days.

And finally as always the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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