Now Chinese people will not be able to travel to America


There has been a growing debate in China and the US over the Corona virus epidemic. There are reports that the US may ban Chinese citizens. After which Chinese citizens will not be able to travel to America.

A bill has been brought in the US Parliament to ban Chinese citizens. If this bill is passed then Chinese citizens will not be able to travel to America.

What is the provision in the bill

USA and China, travel ban,
USA and China

Actually there was a big argument between the US and China over the trade war. And now there is a growing argument in the US and China about coronavirus. After which a resolution has been brought in the US Parliament Senate. Under this proposal, the US can impose strict restrictions on China. Which includes travel restrictions. And if the bill is passed in America, then Chinese people will not be able to enter America.

At the same time, there is a provision in this bill that the US can investigate in China about the corona virus. Its rights can be passed to US President Donald Trump.

And if US President Donald Trump gets this right, then he can stop the entry of Chinese citizens into America. And if that happens, then Chinese travelers will not be able to enter America.

At the same time, the US has also made an economic ban on China. The bill provides that Chinese companies will not be able to borrow Ceylon. Simultaneously, Chinese companies can also be excluded from the stock exchange there.

Where did the controversy start in America and China

Actually it was about trade between America and China. America says that China is taking advantage of America. And America is not getting anything in return. In fact, the US incurs losses of billions of dollars every year in trade with China. And US President Donald Trump only wants to work.

And this is the travel ban. At the same time, the US also accuses China that it is stealing technology from American companies. In view of this, the Chinese company Huawei was recently banned by the US.

US Secretary of State has held a meeting

US Secretary of State Mike pompeo has held an online meeting with India Japan Australia and New Zealand to strategize and ban China. In this, a strategy has been made by the US to surround China. At the same time, it has also been said to hold China responsible for the Coronavirus and to recover the fine. In such a situation, if this bill is passed, then it will increase the difficulties not only for the Chinese government but also for the people coming from China to America.

Chinese students may be bannd

Every year, millions of Chinese students come to study in America. And if these restrictions are imposed on China, then millions of students coming to America from there will be in trouble. And their visa can be canceled. In such a situation, millions of Chinese students will be deprived of studying in America. Let us tell you that China is number one in terms of studying in America. India ranks second.


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