Lonavala visiting places, budget and full tour guide


Lonavala is two very famous tourist places located near Mumbai. You must also have heard a lot of Bollywood songs about Lonavala.

Lonavala is mainly famous for its natural beauty. It has also become more famous as it is located near Mumbai.

If you are looking for a place around Mumbai or Pune that is famous among tourists and also known as a natural place, Lonavala can prove to be a great place for you.

How to reach Lonavala

Lonavala visiting places
Lonavala travel

It is very easy to reach Lonavla. The distance from Mumbai to Lonavala is 97 km. While Lonavala is 67 km from Pune.

To reach
Lonavla, you must first reach Mumbai. The closest airports to Lonavla are Mumbai Airport and Pune Airport.

You can also reach Lonavala by train from Mumbai or Pune. And if you wish, Lonavala can also be reached by bus. It is very easy. You will also get a lot of buses.

To roam Lonavala, I was the first to rent a bike. From 6:00 am till 6:00 pm in the evening I had to spend around ₹ 600. Which may prove to be slightly more expensive. You will have to fill petrol separately for this.

The entire tourist place of the whole of Lonavala is between 80 and 100 kilometers. In this case, if you bring petrol from ₹ 200 to ₹ 300 in your bike, then it will be enough for you.

Lonavala Lake

lonavala visiting places
Lonavala lake

First of all I decided to see Lonavala Lake. This lake falls about 3 kilometers from the main city of Lonavla.

If you go to see Lonavala Lake during the rains, it looks quite beautiful. Because at that time the lake in Lonavala is filled with water. If you go to see Lonavala Lake in winter or in summer then you will get to see very small amount of water here.

You can leave to see Lonavla at 5:00 am or 6:00 am. You can roam the entire Lonavala comfortably by evening.

Lions view point lonavala

lonavala visiting places
Lions view point lonavala

After that I decided to see Lion Viewpoint of Lonavla.

Lonavala is quite beautiful at the view point. And at the same time its special thing is that it is also located at a considerable height. In such a situation, your life can be doubled.

Lonavala is also beautiful in view point of view. Because it is located at a considerable height. And there are very strong winds here.

Shivling view point

If you will walk about 2 kilometers from the Lion Few Points, then you see a Shivaling viewpoint on the way.

The shivling view point is also located at a considerable height. You see two hills of Shivlingi shape here. Which is quite beautiful to see.

You do not need to take any type of ticket for entry here. Entry here is absolutely free.

If you want to spend some time alone then you can visit the Shivalinga viewpoint. Here you can spend hours alone.

Corey stronghold Lonavla

After this I decided to see Kori Garh Fort. The distance from Lions view point to Cory Gud is about 10 to 11 kilometers. You have to travel about 1 hour for this.

Entry to Kori Fort is absolutely free. The road leading to the Kori Fort is completely deserted. In such a situation, you are going to have a lot of fun in riding the bike.

Although the quality of the road is very good. You can also spend some time alone on the roadside. At the same time, you will get to see quite a lot of spectacular views along the way.

I traveled to many places in Maharashtra and everywhere I came to see sago khichdi. In such a situation, I decided to eat sago khichdi in Lonavla. It tastes great. You can definitely eat a plate of sago khichdi. A plate of sago khichdi may cost you ₹ 70.

Bhusi Dam Lonavla

When you are coming back from Lions view point, you can stop at the bhusi dam for some time on the way. If you are going to lonavla during the rainy season, you will also see a waterfall flowing at the bhusi dam. Which looks quite beautiful. But if you go to lonavla here in winter or in summer then you do not get to see that great view here.

Karla Caves Lonavla

lonavala visiting places
Karla caves lonavala

In Lonavla you get to see another famous tourist place. And that is Karla Caves. To reach the caves of Karla, you have to work a little hard.

To reach the Karla Caves, you have to climb for about 15 to 20 minutes. As soon as you complete your 15 to 20 minute climb, you get to see the temple and the caves of Karla in front.

To enter inside the caves of Karla, you have to take an entry ticket of ₹ 25.

To reach the caves of Karla, you have to climb about 150 stairs.

Another special thing I noticed about the caves of Karla is the views here. Near the caves of Karla, you will get to see quite a lot of spectacular views.

On the way to the caves of Karla, you get to see a lot of shops. From where you can also do some shopping for yourself.

Narayani Dham Temple Lonavala

lonavala visiting places
Narayani dham Temple lonavala

After seeing all these places you can visit Narayani Dham Temple. It is a very big temple. Where you get to see idols of Maa Durga Shiva and Hanuman ji.

Also, some gardens maintained in Narayani Dham temple. If you want to take some time alone for yourself, this place is quite good. If you go to see Narayani Dham temple in the evening then it will be even better for you.

Wax museum lonavala

You also get to see a lot of wax museums in Lonavla. At the same time, you also get to see haunted houses here.

If you want to visit the Wax Museum, then for this you will have to spend at least ₹ 150. Here you will find wax statues of big people like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, APJ Abdul Kalam.

Rajmachi udyan lonavla

I take you to another viewpoint and that is the Rajmachi Garden and Viewpoint. On Rajmachi Udyan Mumbai Pune Expressway you will see. Although I did not find Rajmachi garden so special. In such a situation, if you do not have time, then you can leave this place.

There is also a Rajmachi viewpoint here as well. From where you see a waterfall flowing towards the front. If you come here in the evening time, you will feel quite good.

After visiting the Rajmachi view point, you can go to see the Khandala viewpoint. Khandala Viewpoint is very famous among tourists.

If you want to get a hotel in Lonavla, you can now take the hotel around Mumbai Pune Expressway. This will make it easier for you to visit and visit all the tourist places of Lonavla.

How many days have Lonavla come to visit

Lonavala Mumbai is a famous tourist destination located in the vicinity of Pune. If you are thinking of visiting somewhere in the weekend, then Lonavala can be a good option for you. You have to visit Lonavala for at least 2 days. If you keep your schedule a little tight, then you can roam Lonavala easily in 1 day. But if you have time, I would suggest that you definitely come to Lonavla for 2 days.

Which season did Lonavala roam

Monsoon is the best time to visit Lonavla. Lonavala is a natural tourist destination. In such a situation, you will see most of the viewpoints here.

If you are coming to visit Lonavla then I give you one more advice. To roam Lonavala, you went for a walk mostly in the morning or in the evening. Because this time is right here. If you go out to visit Lonavala in the afternoon, you will have to face extreme heat.

How much will Lonavala cost

To visit Lonavla, you must first book a hotel. I am talking about the expenses incurred on a person here. You can easily find a hotel in Lonavla for ₹ 750. If you are coming for 2 days to visit Lonavla, then you will have to spend 1500 rupees on the hotel. Apart from this, you will also have to spend 1000 rupees on food. If we talk about transportation, then you will have to spend around ₹ 2000 to travel to Lonavala. In such a situation, you can easily roam Lonavala for ₹ 4500.

And finally as always the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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