Lock down 4.0 can get additional discounts for traveling


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8:00 pm today. People are being seen as down 4.0 in this. And it is believed that the lockdown in the country will be increased due to the corona virus. But at the same time it is being said that some additional relaxation will be given in this. Some discounts can also be announced for traveling.

Let us tell you for the information that people are going lock down in the country for the last 45 days. But even then the corona virus is not taking a name. And the total number of cases of corona virus has increased beyond 70000 in the country.

Public transportation can be started

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Lockdown 4.0

Cities in the country that have fewer cases of coronavirus. Or is not the case. Public transportation can be started with 50% capacity there. It is worth mentioning that the last time when people were given exemption in down, then public transportation was started with 50% capacity.

This time, public transportation can be started in areas with green zone with 100% capacity. At the same time, transportation can be started to some extent in Yellow and Red Zone. However, it will not include the hotspot areas of the red zone.

Interstate bus service can be started

This time in lock down 4.0, inter state bus service can also be started. It is being said that inter state bus service will depend on the states. And the states where the cases are very less. Inter state bus service can be started there. Which includes states like Rajasthan Chhattisgarh. Where there are very few cases of either corona. Or Corona cases are steadily decreasing.

The number of trains can be increased

The number of trains can also be increased in lock down 4.0. Let us tell you for the information that rail service has been started in India. And about 15 trains have been run in the initial phase. About 54000 tickets were reserved for this.

Discount will be given with conditions

However this exemption may come with certain conditions. In which the crowd does not gather. And maintaining social distancing. As well as some other conditions can be added to it.

Some Tourist Places can be opene

Some tourist spots can also be opened in Look Down 4.0. These also include tourist sites where there is no case of coronavirus. However, this tourist place will be opened with strict conditions. And tourist places can be opened at such a place. Where hygiene has been arranged. Do not gather a crowd together.

However, it may also increase the risk of corona virus.

Let us tell you for information that earlier the government has said that, now we have to learn to live with Coronavirus.

The corona virus is under increasing pressure on government revenue. And the fiscal deficit is also increasing steadily. In such a situation, it is now compulsory for the government to relax the lock down.

Lock down may continue in more coronavirus state

Lock down can also be divided by state. As such, more cases of coronavirus are being seen in Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat. In such a situation, any kind of exemption in traveling there can be eliminated. At the same time, any exemption related to travel can be abolished in the states which are demanding public down.

Traveling can be started on the lines of Spain

Also, travel can be started in India on the lines of Spain. On this, a separation time of 15 days has been fixed for the citizens coming in foreign countries. According to this, if any citizen comes to India, first he has to put himself in home isolation. Tourist places can also be started on the basis of people’s health. If a person is ill, then he will not be allowed to visit these tourist places. On this basis, Railways has also started its train facilities.


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