Kolkata Tour Plan and main places to see here 2019.


Kolkata is one of the four main metros of India. Kolkata has three major railway stations, Howrah, Kolkata and Sealdah. You will have no problem in reaching Kolkata, as you will get direct train to Kolkata from almost all the main railway stations of India. Apart from this, there is also an international airport in Kolkata. In such a situation, if you want to come to Kolkata from a foreign country, then you will not have any problem in that. There are direct flights to Kolkata from almost every major city in the world. Now if you have come to visit Kolkata, then let’s go to Kolkata. And let’s see which are the main places to visit here.

Victoria memorial

Victoria memorial Kolkata, Kolkata travel,
Victoria memorial Kolkata

Victim Victoria is one of the main tourist destinations of Kolkata. You will always get a lot of crowd here. The Victoria Memorial is quite large and it is also very beautiful to see. Just as the Taj Mahal of Agra is famous in Uttar Pradesh, the Victoria Memorial is much more famous in Kolkata. The Victoria Memorial is made of white marble. You will have to take a ticket of ₹ 30 to enter Victoria memorial.

The Victoria Memorial is built in memory of Queen Victoria of Britain. The construction of the Victoria Memorial was completed from 1906 to 1921. The Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria of India to India. Let me tell you one more thing about the Victoria Memorial, the Victoria Memorial was built at that time for Rs. 1 crore 5 lakhs. There is also a lighting show at the Victoria Memorial in the evening. At that time, the Victoria Memorial looks even more beautiful. In such a situation, if you come to see Victoria Memorial in the evening, then it will be better for you.

Kolkata Metro

I decided to go by Kolkata Metro to go to Dum Dum. Here I am talking about Kolkata Metro because it is the cheapest metro rail service in India. In Kolkata metro rail, you get both AC and non AC trains. Even if you go by the Kolkata Metro even to the 7_8 railway station, you still have to pay ₹ 10. Kolkata Metro was started in 1984. In such a situation, if you use more metro to travel to Kolkata, this trip will be cheaper for you.

Alipur zoo

Alipore zoo Kolkata, Kolkata travel,
Alipore zoo Kolkata

After this I decided to go to Alipur Zoo in Kolkata. Here the entry ticket for children up to 5 years is ₹ 10. Whereas, for adults, an entry ticket of ₹ 30 is charged here. This June you will get to see the Bengal tiger bear crocodile and other types of animals. This place is perfect for family and children.

The biggest drawback of this Zoo is that here you do not get any internal rotation. At the same time, you will not get to see more animals here, but here you will definitely get to see the Bengal tiger. In such a situation, if you are traveling solo or have come to see this zoo with friends, then you can skip this zoo. By the way, to this day, I found it the youngest among all the jups I have seen. This is another bad thing for this. Apart from this, if you have come to Kolkata, then definitely test the street food here. The food made of fish is very famous here.

Vishwa Bangla Gate Kolkata

Another new tourist destination has been formed in Kolkata. And its name is Vishwa Bangla Gate. Here you have to take a ticket of ₹ 100 for entry. There is also a hanging restaurant here.

Apart from this, you will get to see another new tourist destination in Kolkata. And that is Eco Park. For entry into Eco Park, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 30. Here you will get to see many attractions like Fountain Show Music So. If you come here at night, this view will look even more beautiful. You can also do cycling and boating in Eco Park. If you have come with children, then definitely come to Eco Park. They will love it. If you have been to Kolkata, and have not eaten rasgulla, then your visit is incomplete. Apart from this, another sweet dish of Kolkata, Mishtidoi is also very famous. You must also test it. In such a situation, if you have been to Kolkata, then do test Rasgulla there. Rasgulla of West Bengal is quite famous. Even if you have diabetes, you can eat sweets in Kolkata. You will also find diabetic sweets at many shops here.

Dakshineswar Temple
Dakshineswar temple Kolkata, Kolkata travel,
Dakshineswar temple Kolkata

It is very easy to reach Dakshineswar Temple. First of all, reach Dum Dum metro station. After that you will have to walk half a kilometer. This is a skywalk. You will reach Dakshineswar Temple directly. One of the most famous religious places of Kolkata is Dakshineswar Temple. Every year lakhs of devotees and tourists come here. In such a situation, you must also visit Dakshineswar Temple. You will definitely get peace of mind here. Inside the Dakshineswar temple, you cannot take a watch and a belt, etc. Also, apart from this you cannot take mobile and camera inside also. You have to deposit all these at the counter outside. You will not be charged for this.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a historical temple in Kolkata. It is built on the banks of the Hooghly River. This temple was built by Rani Rasmani in 855 AD There are some ghats also built here. Where devotees take bath. Apart from this, there are also many chairs to sit here. While sitting here you can have a view of the Hooghly River.

If you are visiting Kolkata during Navratri, then you will get to see a different color here. Here, this festival is mainly celebrated for the worship of Mother Goddess Durga. Here 9 days of Navratri festivals are celebrated. You will find pandals of Maa Durga at every place. But this will be possible only when you go to Kolkata during Navratri. By the way, let me tell you that if you want to see this pandal and Navratri in Kolkata, then you will have to face a huge crowd for this.

Belur Math Kolkata

Belur math Kolkata, Kolkata travel,
Belur math Kolkata

After this you can go to Belur Math in Kolkata. To get here you have to resort to steamer. This steamer facility is quite affordable. For this, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 11. As soon as you reach the gate of the Dakshineswar Temple Temple, you see a counter there. From here you will get a ticket for this steamer. The steamer facility starts at 7:00 am. It will take you only 20 minutes to travel from Stimmer to Vellore Math.

As soon as you reach Belur Math, you are also fed food there. There is a huge hall for this. This food is very tasty to eat. You do not need to pay any kind of charge for this.

Science City Kolkata

Science city Kolkata, Kolkata travel,
Science city Kolkata

After this you can visit Science City, one of the most famous tourist place of Kolkata. For entry here, you will have to take a test of ₹ 60. This tourist place is very popular among tourists.

Science City is quite big. You will get a lot of knowledge here. If you are with children then definitely come here. Here you will get to do different activities. For which you will have to pay different charges. Along with this, you will also get to see a lot of science modules here. With which you can learn and learn science more closely.

I think the Science City of Delhi and the Science City of Kolkata are the same. A lot of things here resemble each other. But a special difference between these two is about the length and width. The Science City of Kolkata is much larger than the Science City of Delhi. In such a situation, you can definitely come here once.

How many days to come to Kolkata and how much it will cost

Now let’s talk about the days it takes to roam in Kolkata. If you want to roam Kolkata comfortably, then you came for 3 days to visit Kolkata. If you have come from some country outside, then you have to keep the travel time separately to come here.

If we talk about the cost of traveling to Kolkata, then for this I am here spending 3 days. If a person is visiting, then you may have to spend thousands of rupees in public transportation or transportation. Apart from this, your hotel will cost 15 rupees. Apart from this, you may also have to spend ₹ 15 on food. If we talk about total expenses, then you can easily travel to Kolkata for around ₹ 5000.

And finally the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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