Know what will be closed and what will be open in the fifth phase of Lok Down?


The fourth phase of Lok Down is about to complete the coronavirus epidemic in the country. The fourth phase was more relaxed than the third phase of Lok Down. And there was an effort to bring the country’s economy back on track. The government has been able to bring the country’s economy back on track with this step.

Exemptions can be extended in the fifth phase of Lok Down

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Lock down 5

The government may give more relaxation in the fifth phase of Lock Town. So that the country’s economy gets back on track. At the same time, facilities such as gym salons may be allowed to open this time.

At the same time, the government may allow sports activities to resume. However, no final decision has been taken about this yet. But it is being said that the central government has started preparations for the fifth phase of Lok Down. And an action plan is being prepared for this.

Let us know for information that the Board of Control for Cricket in India has given permission to play Test series in Australia with Australia in December. However the BCCI said that everything will depend on the government’s guidelines.

Religious and tourist places can be opened

If you are a traveler then there is good news for you. In the fifth phase of Lok Down, religious and tourist sites can be opened in the country. However, some rules and conditions can be set for this.

Only a certain number of people will be given entry to these religious and tourist sites at a certain time. So that social distancing can be followed.

Let us tell you for information that tourism has been given the status of industry in the country. And the tourist industry has an important place in the Indian economy. But right now tourist activities are completely closed in the country. This has made millions of people unemployed. At the same time YouTube creators have also suffered greatly.

However, tourist places can be closed for international tourists right now. Because in the US and European countries there are still very high cases of coronavirus. In such a situation, the government will not want to take any risk.

Will tell you for information due to the coronavirus pandemic, international borders have been sealed in the country. No citizen can go outside or inside the country without the permission of the government.

11 cities will remain the main focus

In the fifth phase of the government’s Lok Down, the main focus will be in 11 cities of the country. Let us tell you for information that 70% of the country’s corona virus cases are present in these 11 cities. In such a situation, the government can increase the scope of exemption in the rest of the country except these cities.

Let me tell you that for the time, the gym and swimming pool are also closed in the country. Swimming pools and gyms can be opened except in these 11 cities. As well as shopping malls and cinema halls can also be opened, except in these 11 cities.

The names of these Corona affected cities of the country are Kolkata, Pune, Thane, Indore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore.

Of these, 60% of the country’s corona virus cases are in 5 cities of the country. In such a situation, the discount can be reduced in these five cities. However, there is no official information about it yet. But according to media reports this can be done.

For information, let us know that Ahmedabad and Mumbai are among the most corona affected cities in the country. More than 50,000 coronavirus cases have been reported in Mumbai alone. And there the situation is getting increasingly serious.

Bollywood industry can be given exemption in public down

Let me tell you that almost all film and serial shoots are closed. Due to this the Bollywood industry has lost crores of rupees and the Bollywood industry has been forced to launch its own film on the OTT platform. In view of all these problems, the government can give special exemption to the Bollywood industry.

However, the government may decide to open a cinema hall with 50% capacity. It may be made mandatory to keep a seat vacant between two persons. This will enable cinema halls to start with 50% capacity.

School and college will remain closed

The government can also take important decisions regarding public transportation. Now, essentially, bus services can be started between the states. This bus service will be started in these 11 cities of the country. Where corona virus has the highest number of cases. No state will be able to refuse to initiate public transportation following orders. This can be done to keep the country’s economy running. It has been observed that due to lack of public transportation, people are not able to reach their offices. Given this problem, the government can take this decision. The government can also run public transportation to promote tourism activities as well. Let us know for the information that tourists can face problems without public transportation to reach tourist places. The government may undertake public transportation to promote tourist activity.

KiYou have been told for information that the country of Greece has become the first country in Europe where the lock-down has been completely eliminated. And all tourist places have been opened to tourists. However, international tourism has not yet started in Greece. But it is expected that soon international tourists will also be able to visit Greece.


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