Know what to do if you lose your passport


Know what to do if you lose your passport Whenever you are traveling, passport is the most important document of your identity. But what to do if the passport is lost? The first thing is that even if you lose your passport, there is no need to panic at all. If you get nervous then your difficulties are going to increase further.

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Lost passport

Other documents kept for identity

If you are traveling to any country and passport is required for you. So keep two or three documents for Identity with you. In this, you can keep a driving license ration card or an Aadhaar card. Also, if there is a separate identity card of an identifier in your country, you can also keep it with you. Even if you lose your passport, you can prove your national identity. And you will not have to face any kind of difficulty.

Also, you should keep one thing in mind and keep all the original documents present for your identity separately. I mean to say that you do not keep all the documents in one place, keep different places in your bag. Also, keep a document in your pocket with you to prove your identity.

Be sure to copy passport and ticket photo copy

Whenever you get your passport made for traveling in any country, keep at least four photo copies of it with you. In such a situation, even if your passport is lost, then it is easier to prove your national identity later. Apart from this, keep four copies of the ticket of that airline with you.

Try to remember where the lost passport is

It has been observed about most of the tourist places that the people living there and the people who visit there are very friendly. And if you lose something like your passport and you go there again, you are returned. Or you can forget the passport in a hotel or restaurant. In such a situation, you will go there and check once again. It is possible that your passport is returned there. But even if this does not happen, do not panic. Sometimes it has been seen that you come very far from where you forget your passport. And it is not possible for you to return. But you can still get a second passport by taking a few steps.

First reach the nearest police statio

If your passport is lost, you should first go to the nearest police station. And by going there, you should register an FIR for your passport. After registering the FIR, you should keep a photo copy of the FIR lodged with you. As well as this f.i.r. You should get the photocopy copy attested. You can do this in the same police station.

Go to nearest embassy

Lost passport, Indian passport lost, India passport,
Lost passport

After lodging the report in the police station, go to the nearest embassy of your country. From there you can apply for your second passport. Remember that you keep a photo copy of all your documents with you.

Whichever city you are going to, your ambacy is definitely there. But if your luck is bad and you do not have Embassy of your country available there, then go to the nearest city through public transportation. Where embassy of your country is available, make sure that you do not airtravel. You need a passport there. You can also go to a private camp in the nearest city.

It is usually seen that the passport is re-issued to you on the same day. But if you are going to your ambacy in the evening, it may take up to 24 hours.

If you are making passport again, then you have to pay some charges for it. In such a situation, whenever you are traveling, do not forget to keep some cash in addition to the ATM card. In such a situation, you will be able to get passport quickly.

There are different charges for making a passport immediately. It depends on which country you are going to visit. It has been generally observed that in developed countries like European countries and America, there are more charges for getting visas immediately.

In many countries, it has been observed that Visa on Arrival is also provided to attract tourist visitors. So if you are traveling in such a city. If you are traveling in such a country, getting a passport becomes even easier for you.

And finally as always the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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