Know what can be special for the economic package tourism industry


Know what can be special for the economic package tourism industry

Travel industry need lot of things from economic this is the biggest economic package in the history of industry and core sectors of travel industry need capital from this economic package.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced an economic package of 2000000 crore rupees for the country. He has said that there will be something for all the people in the package of 2000000 crore rupees. Which includes farmers’ industries, small scale cottage industries and large industries. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that in the meantime the country will be made self-sufficient with a package of lakh crores.

Travel industry is cleverly need a huge economic package from Government of India. If we talk about the tourist industry, then there may be something in this economic package as well. Let us know what is going to happen in this economic package for the tourist industry.

Relief package for travel companies

Prime minister Narendra Modi, economic package, travel industry,
Prime minister Narendra Modi

All the travel companies and travel Tata are completely closed down due to the public down. Including startups like MakeMyTrip and BookMyShow. Now the government can announce an economic package to lift these companies back.

Also, the government can do some part of the salary of the employees of these companies. This seems to be happening in Britain too. If the government takes some part of the employees of the travel companies on the same lines, then it will be a big relief for the travel companies.

Special provision for tourist guides in economic package

The government can also make special provisions for tourist guides. Under these provisions, the government can put direct benefits for these tourist guards in their bank account.

Let me tell you that when the last economic package was released, direct funds were added to the accounts of women and men holding Jan Dhan account. In such a situation, it is expected that this time due to the large economic package, large sections will get the benefit. It may also include tourist guides.

Inter state bus services may begin

The government may introduce interstate bus service to support the travel industry. Also, local public transportation can also be started with certain conditions. Let me tell you that at present the government bus services in Green Zone and Yellow Zone have been started with 50% capacity.

Taking this further, bus services can be started with 100% capacity instead of 50% capacity in the Green Zone. At the same time, officer public transportation can be started in the yellow zone as well with 50% capacity. The same red zone areas can still be kept away from it every day.

Tourist places can be opened

The central government can direct the state government to open tourist places in areas where coronaviruses are not patient. The government will get a big relief, and revenue will also be generated for them. At the same time, a large number of people will also get employment. Let me tell you, the employment of lakhs of people has been lost due to the closure of tourist places. A livelihood crisis has occurred in front of them.

However this tourist destination can be started with some strict conditions. At the same time, the government can compensate the loss in the tourism industry as an economic package.

Special pass can be issued

At the same time, the government can now issue directions to issue special passes for tourists to bring the tourist industry back on track. So that the tourist industry can get a boost again. Let us tell you that due to Corona virus epidemic, tourists are completely stalled at this time. And the state governments are facing huge economic losses. Now the situation has become such that even a quarter of the income is not coming to the state governments. While the expenses are constantly increasing. In such a situation, the economic pressure on the government is continuously increasing.

Travel companies also need to be saved from China

Recently it was seen that China had bought more than 1% stake in India’s largest home loan company DHFL. Because its shares went down significantly in the stock market. In this case, the same can happen with travel companies. And may try to buy a stake in China. However, the Indian government has already tightened FDI rules. And closed the doors to China. But still the government has to be careful and it is necessary to save the companies. However, investment from China has not been completely closed yet. In such a situation, vigilance is necessary.

Companies like MakeMyTrip and goibibo which are associated with the travel industry. Remains in its startup phase. In such a situation, China can easily target these companies. In such a situation, the government may have to invest capital in these companies to save them.


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