Know how to build an e-pass for walking on the road


If you want to take your road tomorrow also. And if you want to ride any vehicle, then it has become necessary for you to pass it in the midst of Corona epidemic. You can also get it made nearby. And can also apply for pass in their local authorities.

Also, you can make offline pass for you from your nearest police station area.

Can also get it made online

download 8644145756. Know how to build an e-pass for walking on the road

You can also get an online pass to travel on the road. This pass will be ready for you in a period of 1 minute to 24 hours.

You must have a valid reason for making the pass. You cannot get a pass without valid reason. You can get a pass for yourself due to any reason like medical emergency marriage. This pass remains valid for some time. With this pass you can travel through traffic on the road.

It is important to obey the rules

To make this pass, you have to follow the rules issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. You can make a pass for yourself only. When you have a valid reason. Also, you should have any perforation certificate issued by the Government of India or state governments. In which driving license is required to be Aadhaar card or any other valid certificate. Without it you cannot make a pass.

The entire country is divided into three zones

Looking at the cases of coronavirus, the entire country is divided into three zones. This is John Green Yellow and Red. If you are in the green zone, you can use the traffic on the road. But if you are in Yellow, Red Zone, then you have to follow the guidelines issued by the government and it is necessary for you to get a pass. Let us tell you for information that now in the Green Zone, public transportation has also started with 50% capacity.

Pass is not necessary to travel by train

If you want to travel in a train recently started by the Government of India, you do not need to get a pass for this. Your valid journey ticket will be your valid pass. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines in this regard. Also, if you have a driver with you, then the same ticket will be valid as e pass.

Will take care of time

Curfew has been imposed in different states and different regions throughout the country. If there is a curfew in your area then you can travel for a limited time only. You have to take care to reach your destination before the curfew starts. If you do not reach your destination, then there may be difficulties for you.

What will happen if the rules are not followed

If people violate the rules of the down after you pass, your pass will be canceled. You can be fined as well. And your vehicle can also be sewed. If you break the rules too much then you can also be arrested. And a case can be filed against AAP under various sections of IPC.


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