Know at what level the coronavirus vaccine trial is going on in India


The whole world is currently struggling to make Coronavirus vaccine. And India is not far behind in this. Actually, it has never happened that such a large-scale effort has been made to make a vaccine for a disease. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been forced to make vaccines for only one disease.

The whole world is trying to make Corona vaccine first. This will dominate the whole world.

Whichever country makes the first coronavirus vaccine will be able to sell billions of vaccines. And it will also earn billions of dollars. That is why the whole world wants control over the Coronavirus vaccine.

How far has the corona virus vaccine reached in India

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Coronavirus vaccine

India is continuously trying to make Corona virus vaccine. Recently, the Government of India had sought applications for the manufacture of Coronavirus vaccine. And funding was also issued to about half a dozen companies.

There are two major companies in India that have already reached the next stage of making the Corona virus vaccine. Among them is the Siram Institute of Pune and the second is Bharat Biotech.

Siram Institute Pune is also the largest vaccine producing company in India. Which produces Bharat Beti Ko in collaboration with American companies. As well as some generic tikos are also produced by the Siram Institute of Pune Company. At the same time, a lot of vaccines are also being produced by Bharat Biotech Company.

Vaccine program runs every year in the country

Every year in India, 5 million pregnant women and children are vaccinated on a large scale to produce vaccines.

But the need in India now is to make its own vaccine. Although the process of making the vaccine is quite complex. And for this government help is also needed.

Government help is needed to make vaccine

In general, to develop vaccines in developed countries, the government there largely funds private companies. And this is how the vaccine is made. But the process of making a vaccine is very complicated. There is a very high risk of failure. And funding is also very high. In such a situation, funding is reduced by the Government of India to private companies. Because of this, no vaccine has been made in India yet.

How India can help corona vaccin

India is among the largest vaccine producing countries in the world. In such a situation, India can help the whole world in the production of Corona vaccine. For information, let us know that India is among the largest vaccine producing countries in the world. In such a situation, India can help the whole world in manufacturing the Corona virus vaccine.

Billions of vaccines will be made together

At this time the whole world is in the grip of coronavirus epidemic. And if the coronavirus vaccine is made even now, its production will be a big challenge. In such a situation, countries must produce billions of vaccines simultaneously. In such a situation, India can use its capabilities to supply coronavirus vaccine all over the world. That is why the entire world is looking towards India, looking at India’s capabilities. By the way, trials are still going on in India regarding the Coronavirus vaccine. And it is expected that soon India will also be successful in making Coronavirus vaccine. And if that happens, it will be a big achievement for India.

Trials are also underway on medicines already in India to make coronavirus vaccines. It remains to be seen whether the pre-existing drugs can work as a coronavirus vaccine. If a drug is found that works as a vaccine for the corona virus, then it can prove to be good news for the world.


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