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If you are interested in traveling. And if you want to earn from home, then we have brought a golden opportunity for you. You can earn online by writing content for us.

To earn online, you have to share your travel related experience. At the same time, you can also provide travel tips, travel guides and travel information. Also, if you share an incident related to travel from us, you can also earn from it through travel news.

In order to publish your article in travel news, it is necessary that the event should not be more than 24 hours old. If the article you have written is more than 24 hours old, then we will not be able to publish your article.

How to apply

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job recruitment

If you are interested in travel blogging, you can contact us at our email address We will give you a dashboard. Here you can write content. As the quality of your content will increase. By the way, your earnings will also increase.

The more views you get in your blog post, the greater your earning opportunities will be.

How much will you earn

We have brought you the AdSense partnership program. Under this, 90% of the earnings on your blog post will be given to you.

Earning 10% we will deduct for hosting charge and website mechanism.

We will give you an example here. Suppose we have earned $ 100 from your blog post, then we will give you $ 90. And will keep $ 10 for themselves.

Terms and conditions to apply

Here are some conditions to apply for the job of content writing. The first thing is that you should have interest in traveling. If you are interested in travel then you can be a perfect choice for our job.

Your article must be at least 1000 words. At the same time, your article should also be a flower of flowers. Remember, you will earn only when we publish your article. After the article is published, you will be given 90% of the earnings from your post.

You can take your earnings in your account from 1st to 7th of every month.

Your article will be published within 1 hour of your submission.

We accept PayPal as a payment gateway here. Apart from this, we will not be able to pay you by any means.

To withdraw money through PayPal, you must have at least $ 100 in your account.

Remember, you contact us with the same email id as your PayPal account. This will help us to verify your account.

Remember that your content should not be copy paste. If we find that your content is copy paste or some kind of spam link has been given in it, then we will suspend your account. We will not give you any kind of notice for this.

You have to publish 3 articles for free in the beginning. You will not be given any kind of money for this. After this, you will submit all the articles. You will be paid for everything. The first 3 articles will be published as quality checks.

content must be in English.

How much you can earn in 1 month

We have not kept any limit for you here. The more article you publish. And the more views your article gets, the more your chances of earning will increase. You can easily earn from $ 100 to $ 1000.

Write your article with keywords. Your article will focus on as many keywords. The chances of earning it will increase for you. Because of this there is a chance of more views on the article.

Until Google and other medium traffic will continue on your article. Till then you can earn. We have not kept any limit for this. This means that you can earn an entire life by writing an article. The condition for this is that there should be continuous traffic on it.

You can share the post on your social media account to bring traffic to your article. This will increase your earning opportunities even more.

We will send you your earnings information via email once a week. If you request again, we will send you another report in 24 hours. The report will be in PDF form.

You will receive a notification as soon as Hart earns $ 100. Notification will be in the form of email. After this, you will receive payment in your PayPal account.

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content writing for travel blog.if you are interested in traveling or travel bloging.

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