Jaipur travel, let’s see what!


Jaipur travel, know what to see! You must be wondering why I wrote this line here. But when you come to Jaipur, you will know for yourself whether your decision to come to Jaipur was right or wrong. Along with heritage, modern is also seen in Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan.

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Hawa maha lJaipur

Why travel to Jaipur?

There may be many reasons for coming to Jaipur. But the biggest thing here is the heritage here. The entire market and city inside the closet above Jaipur is painted in pink. Therefore, you can also call it Pink City. Along with this, Jaipur is gradually becoming modern. And now the Metro train is also running in Jaipur. Parkota of Jaipur makes it special. Apart from this, there are many places like Hawa Mahal, Sargasuli, Amer Mahal Taj Hotel and many other places where you can go. Apart from this, Albert Hall, Nahargarh, Zoo, Ramnivas Bagh, Moti Dungari and Shila Mata’s temple make it special. Apart from this, if you talk about shopping malls, there is no shortage of them here. The biggest shopping mall here is WTTP i.e. World Trade Park. Which has now become a symbol of Jaipur. If you come to Jaipur, then do not forget to visit the World Trade Park. Apart from this, hundreds of malls like Gaurav Tower Hypercity, Elements Mall, will meet you in Jaipur. From where you can enjoy shopping. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur also makes it special, which is still famous all over the world to make accurate forecasting of the weather. Besides this, hundreds of temples are also located in Jaipur. Therefore, Kashi is also called. Apart from this, if you are going to Amer Mahal then you should not forget to see the texture of Amber there.

Apart from this, the Dravidian River River Front has also been developed in Jaipur. That makes Jaipur even more beautiful.

How much money will be spent in Travel cost

If you want to come to Jaipur and this tour is at least 15 days! So for this time period you have to spend around 8 to ₹ 10000. That can be quite cheap. Apart from this, you can cut your budget even further. There are so many ways in it.

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Jantar mantar Jaipur

Travel Costs How To Come In Low Costs Jaipur

If you want to spend only five to six thousand rupees for 15 days in Jaipur, then you have to take a Joint Hotel Room for this. In these hotel rooms you have to share with more than one person. Apart from this, you can also stay in hostels here. Many Dharamshalas in Jaipur also give you such facilities. Which is much cheaper than a hotel. And you have to spend only 200 – 250 rupees for one night. Which is quite cheap as of today.

Travel weather in which season did Jaipur come

By the way, you can come to Jaipur in any season. But the time of arrival here is best from July to September. Because it is rainy. By the way, you can come to Jaipur even in winter. But for this you have to keep warm clothes with you. There is no problem of weather in Jaipur. But if you come in the summer then you may have to face difficulties. Because here in the summer the temperature of the day lasts around 45 degrees. Which is not right at all according to the roam.

Travel to Jaipur Jaipur

You can hire a cab to roam in Jaipur. Or even rent your own car. There are many such agencies in Jaipur. Which gives you a car for rent. You can rent cars from SUV to Hatchback as per your need. You will have to spend around 13 to ₹ 14 per kilometer for these cars. And the diesel itself will have to be deposited. But if you want to spend less then low floor buses run in Jaipur, which is for public transport. You can also use them. These buses are very cheap and you only have to spend around 20 to ₹ 25 to board a bus. Apart from this, you can also carry Google Map, Google Guide or any local guide to travel with you to Jaipur. Are. By the way, it would be better to keep the local guide here. Because he will be able to rotate the entire Jaipur together. And your time will also be able to escape from it. Apart from this, you came before your planning. And by research, make sure those places are already in the places you want to know. You will not have to face any problem in the last minute. However, before taking any local guide with you, you will be fully convinced whether the local guide is registered on the tourist website of the Government of Rajasthan or not. Keeping an unregistered local guide with you will not be dangerous. And you may have to face problems.

This post has been written by Vikas Yadav.


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