Important order of Supreme Court brought about social distancing in flight


The Supreme Court has given an important order for the cradle of social distancing for domestic flights started in India. The Supreme Court has given this order to the Indian aviation company Air India.

The Supreme Court has ordered the aviation companies to cater to social distancing to accommodate passengers in planes.

Supreme Court will have to keep the middle seat in the plane empty

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Supreme court

The Supreme Court has said in its order to Air India that you have to keep one seat in the middle of every passenger. This means that one seat will be kept empty between two passengers. This will enable social distancing.

Let us tell you that the airline company was given an exemption for social distancing by the Government of India. Which is now abolished in the Supreme Court.

Separate order will come for international flights

Apart from the decision given by the Supreme Court, a separate order for international flights will also come. For this, the Supreme Court has asked the Mumbai High Court to order separately for international flights.

It is now expected that after the Supreme Court’s decision, the Mumbai High Court can also order a similar method for international flights.

Plane tickets will become expensive

If the decision of the Supreme Court is implemented by the airlines, then it is expected that the airline tickets will be expensive. This would allow airlines to fly with only 50% capacity.

After this decision of the Supreme Court, the plane ticket is expected to be 2 times to 3 times more expensive.

Let us know for information that domestic flights have started in India from 25th May. At the same time, it has been decided to start international flights soon. However, there is no date when international flights will start. But it is expected that international flights may start from August or September.

In order, aviation companies have been given 10 days discount

The Supreme Court has said in its order that Air India and all other airlines are being given a 10-day exemption. Because ticket booking has already been done in advance for the next 10 days. In such a situation, the Supreme Court has ordered the airlines to implement this decision after 10 days.

Let us know for information that Indian Railways has already started operating its trains. And about 3,000 trains are being prepared by Indian Railways. Which includes labor special trains.

At the same time, with the introduction of domestic flights, there is a dispute between the state and central governments. State governments want to keep their commuters coming and going in home isolation for 10 days. While the Central Government has given exemption in this matter.

At the same time, there has been a dispute between the state and the central government regarding the number of flights.


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