How will the tourism industry return to the world


The tourism industry is one of the most affected industries due to the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, governments across the world are making different efforts to bring the tourism industry back on track.

Governments such as Japan Mexico Sicily have announced a relief package to bring the

back on track. And has announced a 50% cut in expenses for foreign tourists coming here. The government will bear this 50% expenditure. The government is hoping that foreign tourists will visit their country in large numbers. But the problem in all this is that all countries currently have international borders sealed. In such a way, how will the tourists come to these countries. This is a matter of thinking.

Local tourism will be encouraged

If governments around the world want to bring their country’s tourism sector back on track, then local tourism will have to be promoted. For this, the government can announce a relief package for the local tourist. Not for tourists from abroad. This will attract young tourists to the country.

Despite the corona virus epidemic, the youth appears to be ready to go to tourist destinations. In such a situation, the government can take advantage of this opportunity to bring the tourism industry back on track.

It is generally seen that about 70% of the total tourist population is young. In such a situation, these youth will have to again attract the governments towards the tourist sites as well as increase it from 70% to 90%. This will almost bring the tourist industry back on track. At the same time, the government can compensate the tourists coming from abroad with the increase of local tourists. For this, the government will have to announce a relief package.

We understand the example of America here. In recent times folk downs have been exempted in the US. And it has been seen that thousands of people reached the shore. Of these, up to 95% of the population was young. It can be said that in the midst of a lock-down and coronavirus epidemic, the youth is ready to return to tourist destinations. Just need encouragement from the government. And it can also be increased.

However, the government will also have to make arrangements to prevent the coronavirus epidemic in the midst of all this. Under this, social distancing will have to be taken care of at tourist places.

Number of tourists may increase due to corona virus epidemic

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Where the tourist industry has come to a standstill due to the Corona virus epidemic. At the same time, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the tourist industry can start all over again. We are saying this because the whole world is currently imprisoned in their homes. And as soon as the lock down will be relaxed. And tourist sites will be opened. People from all over the world will run towards tourist places. In such a situation, it is expected that as soon as people will be given exemption in lock down. And tourist sites will be opened in our country. Similarly, there can be a tremendous surge in the number of tourists.

The government of Mexico is preparing to open its tourist destinations from June 6. Simultaneously, preparations are also being made to open international borders in Mexico. For this, borders will be opened for all tourists coming from Europe and America. However, caution is also increasing in this. And where there are more cases of corona virus, international borders will still remain closed for those countries. Such countries include countries like America, England and Russia. Where the number of coronavirus cases is still high.

Hotel booking is increasing

When we spoke to the executive of a hotel booking website, he said that, once again, booking of hotels has started increasing. It all started from the third week of May. And there is a continuous increase in hotel bookings. In such a situation, it is expected that the tourist industry will soon be back on track. At the same time, the website executive said that we are noticing that, now most hotel bookings are happening outside the cities. Such tourist places are outside the cities. Or it is far from overcrowding, there is a possibility of more tourists coming there. Because there is less risk of coronavirus epidemic due to reduced congestion here.

FAQ about tourism

When will be tourism sector on track?

after lockdown page tourism sector will be on track it is also depend on coronavirus and its vaccine.

What is the importance of tourism?

tourism is the second most largest industry around the world. In some countries tourism contribute around 10 to 30% so tourism industry is very important for those countries like Australia Mexico.

What you mean by tourism industry?

tourism industry include travel related activities and tourist related activities like hotel industry lifestyle shops and ID wine industry this is the most popular industry around the world for now. Every country wants to promote tourism industry.

What is the concept of tourism industry?

tourism industry all about tourist and travel destinations in a country. or around the world. if you are going any travelling destination for tourist attract destination, then you are contributes to travel and tourism industry.

What are the opportunities in travel industry for me?

in travel industry you can start travel blog or travel video blog or you can start guiding tourists.if you are a multiplayer image person then the chances of hiring in tourism are double for you.

How to become a tourist?

to become a tourist you have to need travel around tourist places you can make money e while travelling places with blogging and guiding people.


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