How safe is air trvel during corona virus?


The government is constantly making efforts to bring the country’s economy back on track during the Corona virus. Under these efforts, the government is going to start domestic flights from May 25 in the country.

The government’s decision taken during the Corona virus has cleared the way for domestic flights to resume once again.

However, now this fear has seized in the minds of the people that during this time how safe is it to do air traffic?

Airplanes will be sanitized

Air travel,
Air travel

According to the Ministry of Aviation, it is necessary to re-sanitize airplanes after every flight. According to the guidelines of the ministry, the aircraft will be completely sanitized. Including handles and up to the carpet in the plane.

In such a situation, it is being said that after sanitizing your air travel is going to be safe, and you will not have any kind of risk from coronavirus. The government is also giving strict instructions to the airlines to sanitize their planes to prevent the corona virus.

The same airlines are also engaged in giving passengers the assurance that your journey is completely safe with the corona virus.

Special types of air conditioners are employed in aircraft

Airplanes have special types of air conditioners. These air conditioners convert the air in the airplane into pure air.

In this case, the risk of corona virus decreases after being converted to pure air. This makes your air travel even more secure.

What do doctors say about air travel

At the same time, when we talked to the doctor about air travel and the corona virus, he said that it is safe to travel by air. And you can travel by air. Provided that the aircraft is sanitized.

Doctors believe that the air of the entire aircraft is purified in about 2 minutes. Although it sometimes takes 3 minutes. The doctor says that this reduces the risk of corona virus, and makes your air travel safer.

What do industry experts say?

When we talked to the experts related to airplanes, they said that all the aircraft in the country are made with new technology. And your air travel becomes very safe from these arrangements. Experts say that aircraft have special types of equipment. Also, air conditioners are also specially fitted in it. This makes the journey in airplanes absolutely pure. This makes your air travel even more secure. As well as aeroplane in our country are also made of new technology. All aeroplanes are brand new. This makes your air travel safe from 400% to 500%.

Corona virus protection is important

Despite the arrangements made for your air travel, you need to take all precautions to prevent corona virus.

You must always wear a mask on your face when traveling by plane. As well as possible, always wear gloves on hands. At the same time, he repeatedly washed hands.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Aviation, use the bathroom as little as possible. Especially this has been said about the bathroom of the aeroplane.


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