How to do free travel in the whole world.


How to do free travel This question will definitely come in our mind all over the world. Because there is no shortage of people in this world who want to roam the world. And want to do X floor to the world too. Because there are so many things in this world that we may never see in life. But if you are fond of travel then this is possible for you. But money comes in the way of this. Which prevents us from wandering. But today I will tell you some things that you can roam free.

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Travel free around the world


How to roam free through blogging. You must be thinking this. But let me tell you that blogging is one of the most popular methods in today’s world. With which you can roam the whole world. All you have to do is that whenever you go to any place, you must write a blog on the blogger. Apart from this, you can also use a website like WordPress or But if you want to create a block for free. If you are, will be best for you. Because it is absolutely free. Apart from this, only you have to pay a domain name. Which can be 600 to ₹ 700 in a year. That depends on your domain, and also in which country you are living. After creating a blog on Blogger, you will have to write 10 or 15 blogs continuously. And this blog should be at least 300 words long. After this, you have to take approval for AdSense. And if you get Adsense approval, you can earn money through Google AIDS. And you can roam the world for free.


YouTube is an easy way to move around the world with ease. Data has become very cheap in today’s era. And now video blogs are also becoming very popular. All you have to do is shoot videos together at the place where you go. And by editing these videos, you upload them to your YouTube channel. Then take approval for AdSense. And make money from it. You can easily earn so much money from Google Adsense and Blogger that you can roam the whole world for free. For this, you may have to wait a few days. If your AdSense does not give you much money in the beginning, then you should visit a place that is affordable. And you can go there or if you have gone in some way then you can start writing blogs about them. And when you have enough money, then you start walking. This will be the best way for you.

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Travel free around the world


However, sponsorship is available only to those who have a lot of visitors either on YouTube Instagram or Blogger. And has a very large number of followers. If you are fond of clicking photos and upload the photos there on Instagram. So gradually your followers will increase further. And big companies will start uploading your sponsor photos on Instagram. Instead you can charge money to those companies. In Asia, this rate can range from 250 to $ 300. However, to get sponsorship, you will also find many portals. Which help you get through this online sponsor. Through the Internet, you can get sponsorship from big companies like Oyo Hotels Make My Trip.

Diary writing

Diary writing has also become quite popular nowadays. Wrote some stories about them wherever you go. And give this story a diary. Later, when your diary gets reduced to about 100 to 200 pages, you can sell this diary on Instagram. You can also get 500 to $ 1000 for these diaries. It depends on how interesting you are able to write the diary. Apart from this, you can also earn money by uploading your diary to an online portal like Amazon Kindle. Online stores like Amazon Kindle where books are sold online. . You can upload PDFs of these diaries there. The most important thing about these portal is that here you get instant approval. And you can earn millions of rupees a month fast.

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Travel free around the world

Photo selling

You have to click photos while traveling. And you can upload these photos to Instagram. As your followers grow. Or if you have a good collection of photos, then big companies will contact you to buy photos. So that you can sell these photos. You can sell from 1 to 10 photos here. Or even more. Depends on you how well you click photos. Apart from this, it also depends on the requirement of the company which photo and what kind of photo it needs. You can charge up to $ 50 to thousand dollars for photos. This is the rate of Asia.

Review writing

Whenever you go for a walk, you will have to stay in the hotel there. In return, you can request to write a review for the hotel. If you become more popular then the hotels start contacting you. And you can write a review for them as your blog or video. Instead, you will get money as well as you can get free place to stay and good food to eat. Therefore, this method is best. Along with this, you can also enhance your experience with it. As your population increases. Your travel income also increases.


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