Government is giving money to go abroad


If you dream of traveling abroad. And if the government gives you money, how will you feel? You may be thinking that this is false news. But it is true that all the governments around the world are giving you money to go abroad.

All governments around the world are ready to pay you money as an initiative to revive the tourist industry. All you have to do is pick up your bag. And have to get ready to roam abroad.

Why is the government giving money?

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Actually, the tourist industry is going through a difficult phase at this time. Let me tell you that the tourist places around the world are currently closed. And it has become difficult for the people associated with the tourist industry to run their home. Millions of people who were associated with the tourist industry. They have become unemployed.

In such a situation, governments all over the world have announced several schemes to woo tourists. Under these schemes, the government of the country is ready to pay 50% of the total budget it takes to travel abroad. Such countries include Japan, Bulgaria and Sicily. Experts are hoping that in the coming days, governments can announce this method to attract tourists from all over the world.

Japan will spend 50% of your trip

If you were thinking of visiting Japan. And your budget was coming. So it will not happen now. The Government of Japan has announced a mega budget plan for the tourist industry. Under this, the Government of Japan will bear 50% of the tourists visiting Japan. In such a situation, you can visit Japan comfortably with 50% budget.

Let us tell you that Japan is also called the country of the rising sun. Japan is famous all over the world for its beach life and nightlife. In such a situation, if you are planning to visit Japan then this will be the perfect time for you.

The Government of Japan has announced a $ 18.2 billion package to carry half of the tourists. With this, the tourist industry in Japan is expected to be back on track. Apart from this, a separate package of $ 50 million has also been announced to restart the travel industry in Japan.

When will the plan start in Japan?

Tourist is currently banned in Japan. But let us tell you for information that the lock down in Japan has been completely eliminated. And experts are hoping that by the end of July, Japan can start the tourist scheme.

Other countries are also giving relief package to the travel industry

It is not that only Japan is announcing such a package to restart its tourist industry. There are also many other countries in the world which are announcing different types of announcements to revive the tourist industry.

Apart from this, if you are planning to visit Mexico, then the government there has also announced to give you free hotel stay. Apart from this, there are many hotels in Mexico which are offering you two night free stay with two night hotel stay.

In addition, the government of Bulgaria has also announced a scheme to restart the tourist industry. Under this, Bulgaria has reopened its sea beach. At the same time, you will not have to pay any kind of charge to come to the sea beach in Bulgeria. Also, the facility of umbrella and loungers is being offered to you by the Government of Bulgaria for free.

It is not easy to woo tourists

Governments around the world are announcing various relief packages to revive the tourist industry. But even Coronavirus that it is not going to be easy for governments to restart the tourist industry in the midst of these conditions. The corona virus epidemic has still not normalized the situation. And many countries have sealed their international borders. In such a situation, starting the tourist industry from Pune is not going to be easy for the governments.

In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how long governments around the world are able to start the tourist industry completely.


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