Good News: Greece opens tourist spot again


If you are fond of walking then there is good news for you. The European country Greece has decided to open its tourist destinations completely.

Greece has decided to eliminate the lock down in the country along with the tourist spots. Let us tell you that Greece is the first country in Europe. Where lock down has been done. Travel activities have also been started as well.

Why is Greece opening its tourist destination

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Let me tell you that Girish has become the first country in Europe to open tourist places. However, there are other reasons why Greece opened tourist places.

In fact, travel and tourism account for 30% of the total GDP of Greece. In such a situation, it has become necessary to open tourist places for Greece to run its economy. This decision by Greece can prove to be quite good for tourists. This has once again raised hopes of opening of tourist destinations worldwide.

The same news is also coming out that Italy may open its tourist destinations. An action plan is being prepared for this. However, in Italy initially tourist sites will be opened for domestic tourists only.

For information, let us tell you that Italy is among the countries most affected by coronavirus worldwide. However, the situation is now normal in Italy.

Greece opens tourist destinations for all European countries

Greece has opened up its tourist destinations to all European countries. However, international borders have not yet been fully opened to European countries. But where corona virus infection is less. Greece has opened up its tourist destinations for those countries.

Tourist places can also be opened in India

A large part of GDP in India also comes from the tourism industry. In such a situation, India can also decide to reopen tourist places soon. However, the effect of coronavirus may increase further. And this epidemic can take a macabre form. But for large countries like India, it has become necessary to open tourist destinations to drive GDP. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how long India opens its tourist places.

Tourist activities are closed all over the world

Tourist activities are currently closed in countries around the world, including Greece. In such a situation, Greece has become the first country to open its tourist destinations. However countries such as Australia and New Zealand have declared victory over the coronavirus epidemic. But so far they have not fully opened their tourist places to the tourists. In such a situation, Greece has emerged as a new hope before the world.

Tourist places are not open for other continents

Greece wants to gradually open its tourist destinations. And for this, they have opened their tourist destinations to European countries only. As well as local tourists can also visit these tourist places of Greece. But the continents like Asia, Africa, North America and South America have not yet opened up these tourist destinations.

Greece is historically important

Every person in Europe goes for a trip to Italy and France. But people who like historical buildings and historical things. He does not forget to go to Greece at all. Greece is also called Greece.

Let us tell you for information that Greece is called the father of democracy. And it is said that Greece first introduced democracy in the world. Therefore, Greece also holds its important place in the world. For information you have told that Greece is famous all over the world for its islands, beaches and white buildings.


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