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GoaIf you are going for a walk in Goa then it is very easy to reach Goa. Direct train to Goa from every small and big city of India or else you will get to see the flight. In such a situation, you will reach Goa easily.

The name of the airport in Goa is Dublin. You can also reach Madgaon railway station here. From where you will get a train from every small and big city of India.

After reaching Goa, you will get a bus or taxi from the railway station here or from the airport. If you reach the main city of Goa by taxi, then you will have to spend around 400 to ₹ 500. By the way, even if you go by bus, there is no problem because it is only a short distance away.

Scooty can hire to visit Goa

You can also hire Scooty to visit Goa. There are companies here for a lot of scooty hire. Or you can also hire Scooty from a local agent.

To hire Scooty, you have to pay around ₹ 400 for 1 day. I had scooty for 4 days. And for this I had to spend around ₹ 350 1 day. You will have to fill petrol separately. But if seen, it is definitely cheaper than other cities of India. By the way, if you come here to visit Goa during the tourist season then you may find Scooty a bit expensive. Let me tell you one more thing that if you hire Scooty right now, you may have to pay around ₹ 500 security fee. This security fee will be refunded when you return Scooty.

So let’s go to goa

Goa travel baga beach

Goa travel tips guide and story
Baga beach Goa

One of the most famous beaches of Goa is Baga Beach. You will always see a huge crowd of tourists here. This is due to the popularity of this beach in Goa.

In Baga Beach you also get the facility to park Scooty. For this you will have to spend ₹ 20. Here you will also get the opportunity to do many types of voter activities. Activities like Banana Ride Tera Scheme Water Slide, you can do here. For which you charge different charges here.

Goa has the highest nightlife around Baga Beach. You will get to see a lot of nightclubs here. Where you can dance for free. Apart from this, you can also have dinner here. Here you will find everyone from children to old people swinging in fun.

Goa travel kaligud beach

After seeing bagha beach in Goa, I decided to go to kaligud beach. The distance between Baga Beach to Kaligud Beach is about 2 kilometers. You will also find a lot of shopping shops in the vicinity of the beach. From where you can shop. If you buy beer or some kind of drink around the middle here, it will cost you a little bit. But if you are also looking for wine etc. during your visit to Goa, then you will also get to see a lot of variety here. Here you will get to see every brand that you can think of, from Kingfisher to wine.

In Kaligud beach, you will also see a huge crowd. Actually, you get to see huge crowds in almost every beach of Goa. This is because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Let me tell you for information that most tourists in our country come to visit Goa. Majority of Goa’s revenue comes from tourists.

After walking between the two, I decided to visit aguada fort. It is one of the popular tourist destinations of Goa.

Aguada Fort Goa Travel

Goa travel tips guide and story
Aguada fort Goa

In the Aguada Fort parking area, the robbery is just like a robbery. Here you also have to pay ₹ 50 to park a scooty. If you want to park a car here, then you will have to spend ₹ 150. Which according to me is too much.

You must have seen Aguada Fort in a lot of films. Many Bollywood films have been shot here. In Agwada Fort, you have to take a ticket of ₹ 25 for entry. It is also a matter of thinking that it costs ₹ 50 for parking while only ₹ 25 for entry. I have seen this first tourist place where you have to spend more for parking and less for entry tickets.

Outside the Aguada Fort, you will get to see the lighthouse. Another special thing about the Aguada Fort of Goa is that here you get to see a very beautiful view of the sea.

Goa Travel Chapora Fort
Goa travel tips guide and story
Chapora fort Goa

After this I decided to go to another Fort Chapora Fort in Goa. It is also a very popular tourist destination. To reach the top of the Chapora Fort, you only have to climb half a kilometer. Although it is a bit difficult. But if you take it as an adventure, it will be easy for you.

From Chapora Fort you get to see quite a beautiful view of Goa. Let me tell you for the information that the film Dil Dil Hai Chahta was also shot in this fort. Another special thing of Chapora Fort is that there is no ticket for entry here. Entry to Chapora Fort is absolutely free.

Chapora Fort I liked it more than Agoda Fort. Because here you will get to see quite an open field. Which is quite beautiful to see. As well as from Chapora Fort, you will get to see the whole of Goa. Which looks quite beautiful. Apart from this, you also get to see a beautiful view of the sea here. If you come here with friends, it can prove to be a memorable moment for you.

I also give you a tip here to visit Goa. You must hire Scooty to visit Goa. This can be the easiest and best way to visit Goa. This will make your Goa travel story even more beautiful. However, you can hire cars and more here. But she is not in my list.

Also, you get to see a lot of parking slots in Goa. In such a situation, you will not have to face any problem regarding parking. As far as traffic is concerned, you do not get much traffic in Goa. However, during the peak season of tourists, you may get a little traffic here.

If you are going to Goa, do not forget to visit the casinos here. The Casino of Goa is famous all over the country. Also, here you cannot take camera and mobile phone in some areas.

Another special thing of Goa casinos is that here you also have to follow the dress code. To go to the casinos in Goa, you have to wear Casuals. Also, wear swollen and go to the casino. Here you cannot go to the casino wearing slippers.

The casinos of Goa can also be heavy on your pocket. There are different rates of different casinos to be seen here. In Goa, you will also see casinos in cruise. Apart from this, you can also see casinos here in the land. On Kuruj, you will find casinos around Panjim. Let me tell you for information that Panaji is the capital of Goa. You are sent by speed boat to go to the cruise casinos of Goa. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes.

I also went to 1 2 casinos in Goa. Here I had to spend around ₹ 2000 in a casino. If you have money, then you must go to the casino once.

Coupons are given to you inside the casino. With these coupons you can eat food and also play games. When you go inside the casino, you also get to see a lot of shows here. You can watch this show for free. Inside the casino you get to see the live performance of the dance.

Miramar Beach
Goa travel tips guide and story
Miramar beach Goa

Goa is a beach state. You all will know this. As you move a little further away from Panaji, you find Miramar Beach on the way. You can also go here.

If you are looking for a beach in Goa where the crowds are less, then Miramar beach can be perfect for you. You will see very few crowds here. At the same time, there is also a beautiful view of the sea here. In such a situation, you must go to see Miramar beach once. Also, here you can spend some time alone as well.

Dona pola beach goa

I then decided to visit Donapaula, another famous tourist destination of Goa. One of the most beautiful things you will find in Donapaula is the winds blowing here. The winds here are extremely cold and bewitching to the mind.

If you have gone to Goa during the monsoon, and go to see Dona Pola, then here you can see the waves of the sea also rising. However, apart from the monsoon, if you are going to go to Goa and go to Dona Pola, you do not see the sea waves rising here.

A scene of the Bollywood film Singham was shot in Dona Pola. Only after that this place became quite popular in Goa. And a large number of tourists come here.

After this I decided to move towards South Goa. The monsoon was pleasant when I left for South Goa. So I enjoyed going to the southern part of Goa. Also, the roads in South Goa are quite good. So you get double the fun

Colva Beach

Goa travel tips guide and story
Colva beach Goa

After walking 34 kilometers from Dona Pola to South Goa, you see Colva beach. It is one of the most famous tourist beaches of South Goa. You will also see less crowd here. By the way, there is a lot of beach in South Goa, and there is very less crowd on all. But Colva beach is special among all this.

If you want to see absolutely clear water on any beach in Goa then you can come to Colva Beach in South Goa. Apart from this, if you go to a beach in South Goa, then you get to see quite clear water. Which in itself is quite amazing.

Most tourists go back to their homes after roaming North Goa. But let me tell you for information that if you have not come to roam in South Goa, then your visit to Goa is incomplete. At the same time, you will also find lifeguards at every beach in South Goa. Which are rarely seen above among North Goa.

Betal teem beach goa

After that I decided to visit the Betal Teem of Goa. And I think this is the best place to visit in Goa. If you are going to go to Goa then definitely go for Betal Tim. It is quite a peaceful place. At the same time, there is another thing to be seen here that you will find very few Indian tourists here. Most of the tourists are foreigners here. Because most tourists are not aware of this beach. In such a situation, if you have come to visit Goa, then definitely go for the Betal Tim beach.

The Betal Teem beach voter will be quite visible. It is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches of Goa. In such a situation, if you have gone to Goa, then definitely go to see Betal Tim.

Saturday Night Market Goa

We all go to Goa for most weekends. And if you too are going to Goa for weekends then you must go to Saturday Night Market. Here you will find lots of shopping options. It is also known as the cheapest shopping festival in Goa. Saturday Night Market is held in the evening every Saturday. Along with this, you will also see swings and other fun activities.

If you are going to roam in a sea beach town or place like Goa, then do not forget to take coconut water there. This one is very healthy to drink as well as you get to see a lot of water in these coconuts. If you buy something like coconut water at some place like Rajasthan where there is very less water, then there is very less water in these coconuts. In such a situation, you must drink coconut water here. You will get this coconut water for around ₹ 40.

Arambol Beach

After that I decided to go to Arambol Beach, another beach in Goa. This beach is quite big and beautiful to see. You can also come here.

This beach is located a short distance from the main Goa. In such a situation, if you have extra time, then you come to roam Arambol beach. Otherwise you can also skip this place.

Some important tips and guides of Goa

I also want to give you some important tips for visiting Goa here. If you have a hotel in Goa, then it should be around Baga Beach or Kaligud Beach for you. Because it is the two most important tourist destinations of Goa. Also, if we talk about restaurants, etc., you will get to see restaurants in every street intersection here. You will not face any kind of problem regarding the restaurant.

If you are a vegetarian then you will get to see many restaurants in Goa for this too. The number of vegetarian restaurants is also not less here.

Let me tell you one more thing about visiting Goa, people say that Goa is an adult palace and children and old people cannot come here. So let me tell you that here you do not face any such problem. You can bring children or old people with you here. Goa is a very friendly place. At the same time, if you talk about security, let me tell you that most of the foreign tourists in India come to visit Goa. And even at night foreign tourists keep roaming here, in such a situation, you can guess that Goa is a safe tourist destination.

Apart from this, if you hire Scooty here in Goa, for this you should make a video of it while scooty hire. In such a situation, when Scooty returns, the owner of Scooty cannot claim that you have vandalized Scooty. Or have it scratched. You will benefit from this that you will not have to give any kind of claim.

In addition to Google Map, you will have offline map present while visiting Goa, then you will be easy to visit Goa. By the way, the connectivity of the internet is quite good here. But even if you have an offline map, it will be more right for you. Now if we talk about the casinos of Goa here, then you can book the casino tickets here. Most of the casinos you will see in Panaji. And here you will also get to see a lot of offices. You can go to any of the casinos. That depends on your choice. You do not need to book any casino beforehand.

At the same time, I also want to give you a suggestion regarding mobile network. When you go to Goa, keep a SIM card of Vodafone or Airtel with you. Because in Goa you have to face quite poor connectivity of Jio. And if you go during the peak season, the internet connectivity of Jio gets worse. In such a situation, my advice would be to keep a SIM card of Airtel or Vodafone with you.

Apart from this, if you go directly to Baga Beach from Vasco da Gama Airport or any railway station in Goa, it can be very expensive for you. I tell you a way of this too. You can first take a bus from the airport or the railway station. This bus will take you to Panaji. After visiting Panaji you can go to Baga Beach or Kalangut Beach. In this way you will have to spend ₹ 100. But if you take a private taxi from the airport or railway station to Baga Beach or Kalangut Beach, you may have to spend up to ₹ 2000. Which is much more expensive. However, it will definitely take some time. But my advice would still be that you use the bus to go to kalingud beach or Baga beach.

Apart from this, I also want to give you a tips to hire scooty to roam in Goa, otherwise you will get scooter hire anywhere in Goa. But you hire Scooty from Panaji. From there you can cover all tourist destinations in Goa. And on the way back, you first reach Panaji and from Panaji then you can reach Vasco da Gama Airport. It will be much cheaper for you. And it will also be very easy to make scooty returns. Although you will get to see all kinds of vehicles here, but I want to tell you once again that you use Scooty to go to Goa. Let me tell you for information that you will not get to see Ola and Uber service in Goa.

How much will it cost to visit Goa

Right now we talk about the cost of traveling here. If you want to visit Goa then the first important thing is that how many days did Goa come to visit? According to me you can cover Goa in 5 days. Do not plan to visit Goa for more than 5 days.

Now apart from this, if we talk about the hotel expenses, then you will get a hotel here for ₹ 1000 per day. If seen in this way, then your hotel will cost ₹ 5000. Apart from this, if we talk about food here, you will get food comfortably for a person here for ₹ 500 per day.

You may have to spend ₹ 130 for a plate of food in Goa. You do not have to give more than one plate to eat. By the way, you will get a plate cheaper than ₹ 130. But for this you have to find a little here and there.

Now if we talk about transportation here, you should take Scooty for this, for Scooty you will have to spend ₹ 350 for 1 day. In this way, you can hire Scooty for 5 days. And if your tour plan is different then you can do it 4 days also. In this way, you will have to spend about ₹ 2000 on transportation. Apart from this, if you also do voter activities in Goa, then you will have to spend around ₹ 5000 for this. Talk about the total cost to travel to Goa in this way. So here you may have to spend around ₹ 25000. If you are a student and can see some cheap places then you can reduce it too. Apart from this, students can also hostel here. However, you will find very less number of hostels in Goa. In such a situation, you will have to work hard to find hostels in Goa. Yes, if you can share a room with someone here, it will be a little cheaper for you.

And finally the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.

FAQ about Goa travel

Is Goa safe for travel?

yes Goa is totally safe for you. Goa is most popular destination in India, so you can Goa for travel safely. There is no issue about safety in Goa. Goa is safest city in India.

How much does Goa trip cost?

if you want to go Goa for 5 days then you can  expect 50000 cost for your Goa trip. Your 24 hour hotel fear is around 1500 rupees. Food is also cheaper in Goa you can expect a plate of food around 200 rupees. If you add other foods in your plate then cost will be increased. Goa is famous for its water activities water activities cost depends on you. But if you imagine a cost of activities in Goa then you can spend 15000 rupees on it.

Which part of Goa is best?

if you want to spend  some quality time alone then you can go in South Goa here in South Goa you can go anjuna beach but North Goa beaches like Miramar beach and other beaches are famous in The tourist. You can expect more crowd than South Goa.

Is there any taxi service in Goa like Uber or Ola?

no there is not taxi service like Uber or ola in Goa. But you can hire your personal car or bike on rent in Goa. You can hire a bike on rent in Goa for 20 hour around 1000 rupees if you want to hire a bike in Goa for 24 hours then you can expect around 800 rupees.

Is South Goa better than North Goa?

if you want to spend some quality time  with your friendsaur family then you can go south Goa but if you want to celebrate your time with crowd then you can stay in North Goa North Goa is much crowdy then South Goa.

Is Goa onley for youngsters?

no Goa is a place where every one can go for a trip or celebrate  her or him time. Goa is most popular destination in India so you can go Goa no matter what is your age.

You should visit Goa?

Goa is a tourist destination in India where millions of people go every year. Anyone can visit Goa for their trip for honeymoon. You don’t need to hesitate visit Goa.


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