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matheran is a great hill matheran hill station is famous all around the India.Matheran falls in Maharashtra. Talking about the distance from Matheran to Mumbai, it falls at a distance of about 120 kilometers. While we talk about the distance between Pune to Matheran, it is about 85 kilometers. You can reach Matheran from Mumbai or Pune in 2 to 3 hours comfortably. You can take a taxi or train to go to Matheran.

Neral is the nearest railway station to Matheran. While talking about the airport, the nearest airports to Matheran are Mumbai and Pune.

How to reach Matheran

Matheran hill station view
Matheran hill station view

To reach Matheran hill station, you must first reach Mumbai. From Mumbai you can come to Matheran local train. For this, you will have to come to the nearby railway station of Matheran in Narle. Matheran falls about 5 to 6 kilometers from here.

From Narail to Matheran you also get a toy train. But the moment I reached Nareel, there was a renovation of the toy train. So I could not go to Matheran by toy train. By the way you can go by Matheran toy train.

As soon as you get outside Narrel railway station, you will get a shared taxi to Matheran. Which will get you to Matheran for ₹ 80 and in about 20 minutes.

When you reach Matheran, you have to pay a Municipal Tax for entry. Which is ₹ 50 for an adult. If you are taking a child with you to Matheran, it is ₹ 25.

So let’s go to Matheran

Panorama view point matheran

Panorama view point matheran, matheran travel guide, matheran travel plan,
Panorama view point matheran

To get to the panorama viewpoint of Matheran, you have to trek about 2 kilometers. This journey is very exciting. However tracking is not so difficult.

At the panorama view point you will get to see a lot of beautiful views. Panorama viewpoint is too high. In such a situation, this height can also thrill you. I did not see a single tourist at the panorama view point. And this thing was quite surprising to me. Because in reality the panorama viewpoint is quite beautiful.

Another special thing of Matheran is that no amount of sunlight falls here, you do not feel the heat. And very strong cold winds. Which makes your journey even more exciting.

Matheran toy train

I then decided to board the toy train in Matheran. The Matheran Toy Train runs from Aman Resort to Matheran. Here you get to see three types of tickets. If you get first class tickets on the train, then it costs around ₹ 305. Whereas if you get a second class ticket, then it costs ₹ 45, while a third class ticket costs ₹ 25.

To get around in a toy train, you should get at least a second class ticket. It will only cost you ₹ 45.

Another special thing I found in the Matheran Toy Train is that tickets are still given here in the same way as tickets were given in the Indian Railways in the olden days. This thing will bring back memories of old times.

By the way, if you want to go to Matheran then you can also go on foot. The distance to Matheran is only 2 kilometers. But still my point is that you must enjoy the toy train once.

If you are going for a trip to Matheran, then let me tell you one more important thing that you should keep some essential food for yourself on the way before going to Matheran. The food and drink here is a bit more expensive.

In Matheran, you can also use a horse to see the viewpoint. Here, you are given a tour of the viewpoint by sitting on a horse. For which you may have to spend from thousand rupees to ₹ 2000. It is up to you how far you want to travel. And which view points you want to see.

If you are sitting in Matheran toy train, then I want to give you a suggestion. When you are sitting in mathera toy train, take care of your belongings. Here, monkeys can also carry your luggage from inside the train. In this case, you must take care of your belongings. Although it is quite fun to listen to.

The toy train moves very slowly. In such a situation, you get to see all the views of the road which are quite beautiful. The Matheran train takes about 20 minutes to cover a distance of 2 kilometers.

In Matheran, you get a toy train in about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Khandala view point matheran

Khandala view point matheran, matheran travel plan, matheran travel guide,
Khandala view point matheran

Khandala Point of Matheran is quite famous. As you proceed half a kilometer from Matheran railway station, you get to see the Khandala viewpoint. Which is quite a famous place in itself.

You must have heard about Khandala in many Bollywood films too.

You will not have much trouble in reaching the Khandala viewpoint. You only have to do 100 meters of tracking.

You will get great views on the Khandala viewpoint. One of the most spectacular view points of Matheran can be called Khandala View Point. I think if you have not been to Khandala View Point, your visit to Matheran is incomplete.

As you go back on the way, you get to see Madhav view point on the way. However, this view point is not so famous among tourists, and you also see trees more here. In such a situation, you do not get to see the open view point here. If you go here, do not go or do not go. This is not so important.

You are told 15 to 20 viewpoints to visit Matheran. But here you get only seven to eight good view points. And you go to these view points to roam. This will be my advice to you.

King george view point

King George view point matheran, matheran travel plan, matheran travel guide,
King George view point matheran

Later, he went to see another famous point of Matheran. Which is the King George view point.

If I talk about my own experience, I found King George View Point more spectacular than Khandala View Point. However, people remain crazy for more Khandala view points.

The King George viewpoint is quite beautiful to see. And here you will see greenery and Paharia only. Which will make your experience even more exciting. The King George Viewpoint is located at a considerable height. And it gives you a great view.

You will also need to do some trekking to get to the King George Viewpoint. Well here you can come by horse also. It depends on you

Edward view point matheran

Edward view point matheran, matheran travel guide, matheran travel plan,
Edward view point matheran

Later went to see another viewpoint of Matheran. And its name is Edward View Point. You will look the same as King George Viewpoint and Edward Viewpoint. Go to see both of you though. This is my personal opinion.

The Edward viewpoint and the King George viewpoint lie next to each other. You can reach to see Edward View in less than 1 minute. In such a situation, you must come here.

Echo point matheran

download 1364318185. Full travel plan of matheran, travel cost places and travel connectivity, matheran

After this you can go to another viewpoint point of Matheran. Here I also ate a snowball which cost me around ₹ 30.

By the way, in Maharashtra, you will find many people eating ice shells. The snowballs here are quite famous. So you too can taste them.

To reach the Echo Viewpoint, you have to trek about 1.5 kilometers. By the way, you can reach here by horse also. But if you reach here by tracking, it will be better. And it will also be right for your health. At the same time, you will not have to spend money.

How many days did Matheran visit

Now let us talk about how many days you should come to visit Matheran. I think you can see Matheran comfortably in 2 days. If you make your schedule a bit tight, you can also roam Matheran in 1 day. This is not an impossible thing. But my advice would be that you do not plan for more than 2 days to visit Matheran. If you are planning to visit some place on the weekend, then Matheran can be a good choice for you.

How much money will it cost to travel to Matheran

Now here we talk about the expenses incurred in wandering in Matheran. You can get a hotel to visit Matheran for around ₹ 700 per day. In this way you can stay here in a hotel for around 15 so rupees. I am talking about spending 2 days here.

In Matheran, food will cost you a bit. You may have to spend about 1 thousand rupees to eat food here.

Apart from this, if we talk about transportation expenses in Matheran, then it will be about ₹ 1000. I am not including your horse riding money here. I am leaving that to you.

By the way, I talk about the cost of horse riding here once more. You may have to spend around ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000 for horse riding. But it is entirely up to you.

In this way, if we talk about the total expenses of the forehead run, then it will cost you about ₹ 3500.

Now if you want to travel to Matheran at a lesser cost, then I tell you the way of this too. But the condition for this is that you will have to walk about 10 to 12 kilometers throughout the day. If you do not resort to transportation in Matheran and even leave the toy train, you can roam Matheran comfortably for about ₹ 1000 to ₹ 12. However, for this you have to travel to Matheran in only 1 day.

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At the same time, the most importan thing in the end is to keep the nature clean and tidy.

FAQ about matheran

How can I travel matheran?

you can travel matheran by toy train. You also can go matheran by bus.if you don’t ever travel with toy train then you have to go matheran by toy train and it will be a amazing experience.
Toy train will take 2 hours for your journey. Matheran is famous for its natural beauty. If you travel with bus in matheran then you have to spend one hour.but I will recommend you that you have to travel with toy train in matheran it will be fun.

Which is the best time to travel matheran?

matheran is a naturistic place. so you have to go matheran by october or November. in October and November monsoon is retire.and this is a best time for travel matheran.
if you want to experience monsoon in the lap of nature, then you have to visit matheran by June or July. Most of the visitors are come matheran by September to may.

Is matheran worth visiting?

if you want to spend quality time in the lap of nature then you have to visit matheran once.
If you are from Mumbai or nearby places then you have to visit matheran for the beauty of nature. Matheran is a only 2 day place. so you can visit also by weekends. This is a suitable place for 2 days.

Can I travel matheran for one day?

yes you can do also. You can visit matheran for one day. but you have to make your schedule tight. You can stay matheran overnight or you can just visit by day only.

What is special in matheran?

matheran is famous for its nature places. Here in matheran you can see sunset point ride on horse. You can also travel with toy train in matheran. You can spend your quality time time in lap of nature.

Is matheran safe for girls?

yes matheran is safe for girls. but you have to stay in mainstream hotels in matheran. You only have to to stay in mainstream hotels not in in cheap lounge or some other kind of places.
I think this is the best idea for girls. Single female girls also can visit matheran. it is fully secured. There is no problem in matheran for girls.

How many days are enough for matheran?

matheran is perfect for weekend travelling plans.you can stay in matheran for 2 days in your weekends. this will be perfect time for matheran. If you want to spend your weekends in the lap of nature then material is perfect for you.

Is alcohol allowed in matheran?

yes mart in matheran alcohol is allowed, but in matheran there is no good soaps for your alcohol needs. so you need to buy alcohol for you from Mumbai. this which will be best for you.
There is no bars in hotels for alcohol needs in matheran.

It is safe to travel to matheran in monsoon?

if you want to spend your time in the lap of nature with rainy days then you can go matheran by July or august. this is the best time for you.
Yes it is very safe travel to matheran in monsoon.

Can we visit matheran in August?

yes you can visit matheran in August. it is the best time for matheran visiting.


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