Forced labor politics and second largest migration of India’s history


The largest forced labor migration in India after the 1947 partition continues. Politicians are having fun. And the workers are forced to move towards their destination.

Crying small children, women, be it elderly or young people, is just moving towards their destination. At night or day it is sunny or shade as if it does not matter. Everyone just has to return to their village.

One is that the government is not helping these forced laborers. And from above, the politics on this is also continuing.

Today I am going to tell you the story of an escape, not a journey. Which is the second largest exodus in the history of India. Millions of workers are seen walking on the streets. You will not see a single bus or truck far and wide. But yes you will see lakhs of laborers. Which are moving on the streets towards their destination.

Forced labor and politics

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Indian labour migration

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi goes to meet the laborer. While the country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ji says that it is a drama. And if there is a drama, should not this drama end them? But maybe this drama too. Because in the history of India, drama has been happening from 1947 to 2020. Sometimes BJP does. Congress sometimes does. Sometimes the Samajwadi Party does. Mayawati’s party sometimes. The drama continues to everyone.

When India had its biggest migration in 1947. Even then people were fighting for the Prime Minister’s chair. And millions of people were dying. And were running towards their destination. Some were coming towards India and some were coming towards Pakistan. But the politicians worried about their chair. Once again the same thing is seen happening. Politics is happening on these forced laborers. But nobody is ready to give relief!

Failed governments and workers

The government in the state is changing. Everyone has their own broad promises. But the condition of the workers is the same as it was in 1947. Long promises are being made from these. But what about the promises? Promises are becoming an important part of politics. The path of long promises and power is becoming one nowadays. But after coming to power, there is no trace of these promises.

Perhaps the second biggest exodus in the history of India is telling the story of the failure of these governments. Because no state is able to provide employment to these laborers. There is only one state like Maharashtra which is capable of giving employment to its people. And in lakhs of crores from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, these workers go towards other states. And when elections come, ask these politicians if not a single person is unemployed in this country? Whereas the reality is that in this country, apart from the politics only, nobody has employment.

The labors on whom this country was running. Today those workers are being described as a threat to the country. That being said, it could be the coronavirus carriers. But where were you on the day when these laborers were the career of this country to eradicate the stomach hunger of this country.

Politics, Familyism and Labor

You would think that only Congress has familism. But this is not the case. Yes, of course, only the Congress has dynasticism in political circles. And democracy exists in all parties. You take the name of Samajwadi Party, take the name of RJD, take the name of Congress or take BJP. If you look at these parties in the mirror of reality, you will see that the laborer is working. And their families are having fun in this country.

I am here to tell you some political families who have been the actors of this country. I tell his ability The first number comes from Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi’s ability is that his father was Rajiv Gandhi. And he was a Prime Minister. That is why Rahul Gandhi should also be in politics today. On the other side is Jyotiraditya Scindia whose father is Madhav ji Rao Scindia. Therefore, they should also be in politics.

Think about the royal families who betrayed the country in the revolution of 1857. And supported the British. Today, the same royal family remains the subject of this country.

The Minister of State for Finance of this country takes hundreds of lives by giving election speeches like shoot traitors in Delhi elections. And the government says in the court that this is not the right time to file a case against them. And the court is also respected. But will the right time also come for the laborers?

The home minister of the country is Amit Shah. Hence his son Jai Saha should be in BCCI. Or should be at some creamy post. When the recession hit the whole country. Even then, Jai endured that the company was earning thousands of times of profit. All this is a game of politics.

This is just a hallmark. If you look at parties like RJD and Samajwadi Party, their ability is their family. Socialism in these parties is limited only to his family. You will get thousands more such examples. Let’s talk about our Rajasthan. Here is the Chief Minister of our state, Ashok Gehlot. And the ability of his son Vaibhav Gehlot is that his father is the Chief Minister. Also, the ability of our female Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s son is that her mother has been the Chief Minister of this country. And maybe one or two times he becomes the Chief Minister.

Nothing for people

You may feel that I am speaking more. But this is the condition of the workers and general public of this country. Politicians here have made different steps for themselves. Whereas forced laborers and public are being given in it.

Lok Sabha is for these people. And assembly. And if suppose someone rejects the public, then there is Rajya Sabha. And then suppose if no one comes to the Rajya Sabha, then a Legislative Council has been formed for them. Even after the Legislative Council, so many creamy posts have been made for them, which cannot be counted. Just you name it and creamy posts are made overnight. And it is said that this will save the people. While the workers are telling the story of this country, how strong is this country?

Have you ever heard of an accident in Lutyens zone of Delhi? Someone has been stolen. Or sometimes dirty water has come. Or if there is a power loss. Because they are the actors of the country. Engaged in the salvation of the public. And expensive bungalows and carts are standing on public money only. Crores of rupees are being spent. And are making fun of public money only.

It is not that Lutyens zone is only in Delhi. Such Lutyens zones remain in every state for these politicians and their families. Where they form the government or stay in opposition, they make fun of public money. Then the fiscal deficit is nothing. But when it comes to the public, the same politicians are seen calling for fiscal deficit.

There is a famous saying in India that, if a person once became an MLA MP or a minister, there is no need to earn a family with him for generations. You can guess how creamy politics is in this country. Why every Sharif wants to be infamous in this country. And wants to get into politics. You will be as badass. Your career will be equally bright in this politics. The more controversial the statement you make, the more special the creamy post will be for you. The more you fight against Hindus and Muslims, the greater the scope for your political career to progress. Just keep fighting this country, creamy post is ready for you.

If you become an MLA or MP or a minister in any government, then a lifetime pension is fixed for you. Free airfare is fixed for you. The seats are fixed for you in the Reserve Railway. Regardless of how many days you have been trying to take a seat in the railway. But first political parties will get it. Because he is the actor of this country. His salary is so much that your senses can fly. Even after this, they continue to have pension. Whereas the government cries out that we do not have money to pay pension for individuals like laborers and teachers. While he is doing true service to this country. But the saying is not whose buffalo is his buffalo.

Today, the workers who are going today are being asked to take a loan. Even if they don’t have food to eat. But the government can give them a loan. And by taking a loan, they can also eat food. And can also reach your home comfortably. It is a different matter that these political politicians spend crores of rupees of poor laborers of poor people of the government to make their bungalows shine. And don’t even think once.

You must have seen the action of the Rajya Sabha or the Lok Sabha. And every time you must have heard nothing but noise. Whenever it comes to the rights of the poor and laborers, you must have heard the noise. But have you heard the noise in any Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha about the facilities of these politicians and to increase their salary and increase their pension. You must have heard only applause and laughter and laughter. But still ashamed that they do not know.

This country needs temples and mosques

Since 1947, there has been no politics of development in this country, but politics of temple and mosque. And now I have also started feeling that there is really a need of a temple and a mosque in this country. Because either Ram is running this country or Allah is running it. These political people are not running this country. Temple and mosque politics is done to distract the attention of unemployed people. And I think thousands of temples and mosques should be built. So that public attention is kept there. Because if he meditates, he will ask for bread for himself, he will ask for clothes and he will ask for a house. Which they do not have to give. Just for yourself. And to fill their closets.

Do not ask questions to politics, otherwise you are a traitor!

If you want to dare to ask any question from politics then stop for 1 minute. Think more. Because you can prove to be the biggest traitor of this country! Because you need to ask questions to political parties. If you ask a question from politics, then you are a traitor to this country. And you are advised to go to Pakistan. Pakistan whose status is not equal to that of an ant. No matter how much your father’s grandfather served him in this country. But if you have asked the question of power, then you believe that by changing your category from patriot overnight, you will be put in the category of traitors.

Political workers and false promises

You might be thinking that the list of false promises has just started. but it’s not like that. This list had started in 1947 itself. When the country became independent in 1947. The country was promised not a single morning. A happy country was promised. Such a big false promise.

Even after that, the deeds of false promises did not stop. And when the election comes, false promises are made to the workers and poor people of the country. And look at the public as well, she gets caught in these false promises. Because the public has no other way. Even today, they have to struggle to eat more. It is 2020. It is being called the century of India. But on one side the truth is that even today people are starving. And India ranks 136th in terms of the Hunger Index worldwide. Which is enough to show the mirror of the truth of our country.

Then in this country, the slogan of poverty removal was given. And not a single poor was reduced. Hunger deaths continued in this country. You would think that now these politicians will be ashamed. And these false promises must have stopped. but that did not happen. It was then promised ₹ 1500000 to every citizen in this country. 1500000 and ₹ 1 was not given to anyone. After that look at the shame that the current home minister of this country comes on a news channel and say that the public was falsely promised to put weight in the speech. Shame that they don’t know.

After this, even during the coronavirus pandemic, the politics is not taking a name. The government is saying that we have released a package of 2000000 lakh crores for the betterment of the public. But what is the address in this package? It is being said that you borrow from us. And you will pay back. This may help.

On behalf of the government.

And during this help, petrol, which is almost free to the government, is being sold for around ₹ 80 liters. At the same time, preparations have been made to sell all the sub-workers like PSU Railway Air India BSNL Oil Gas and Oil Companies to foreign countries. Whereas the Prime Minister of this country promises the public at an election rally that as long as I have my last breath. And as long as Narendra Modi is alive. By then not even 1 straw will be sent. Another lie.

once again

It is the second biggest tragedy in the history of India. The workers are being asked to take ₹ 1000 or ₹ 500. Air travel is free for those who are abroad. Whereas the laborers in this country are taking care of this country. They are being charged thousands of rupees. Train fare. Bus fare. Rent to go home. Fare to stop along the way. Rent and just rent. Going ₹ 10000 for walking 50 kilometers. It is being said that we are giving you special facilities.

While long-haul vehicles and ambulances are ready for politicians 24 hours a day. But the truth is also that labor is forced.

And whenever this politician goes out on a walk in his big trains, it is said that he is going to meet the public. Going to meet the laborer. Going to meet a forced

When someone asks you the definition of politicians, then you will say lies, lies and only lies


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