Every traveler coming to Spain will be coverentine for 14 days


It has been decided to open the Tourist Places once again this summer in Spain. But some conditions have been attached to it. Every foreign traveler visiting this will be coverentine for 14 days.

This has also increased the expectation of opening of international tourist spots among tourists.

Let me tell you that at the moment the people down is implemented in Spain with tight security. However, some relaxation is being done in the restriction. And people are able to get out. Let us tell you that Spain is one of the most affected countries due to Corona virus epidemic.

When will the tourist season start

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The government has released a detailed article today. In which it has been said that 14 days of coverentine period has been kept for foreign citizens, especially UK citizens. That is, if a citizen of Britain or a foreign country wants to go to Spain, then he has to stay in the coverentine for 14 days first. He can then move to Spain.

For the information, let us tell you that the highest number of visitors in Spain is of British citizens.

A UK tourist company has written to Boris Johnson that people may not want to travel outside the UK anymore. So he is caught in trouble.

The lock down period can be increased

Situations are now improving in Spain, once the most affected Corona epidemic. And very few cases of corona are coming out there. But it is still expected that the lock-down in Spain could be pushed forward. The Spanish government is currently not in a position to take any risk regarding Corona.

Tell you for information that the highest earning in Spain is from the Touristo. And has given Traveling an industry status in Spain.


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