Domestic flights will start in the country from May 25 aviation minister hardeep singh puri


Domestic flights are scheduled to start in the country from May 25 amid the Corona virus epidemic. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri gave this information. However, no information has been given about what rules citizens will have to follow in these domestic flights starting May 25.

But it has been said that domestic airlines are ready to start domestic flights from 25th May. Along with this instructions have also been given to the Airport Authority.

Domestic flights will start from May 25

Domestic flights,
Domestic flights

There is good news for those taking domestic flights in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic in the country. Domestic flights can be launched in the country from 25 May. This information was given by the Minister of Civil and Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri on Twitter. He has asked airlines and airport authorities to be ready to start flights from May 25. However, he said that what rules and regulations will be made about it now. Information about this will be given later.

Cooperation with state governments was sought for domestic flights

Earlier, Udian Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had tweeted a few days ago seeking states’ cooperation to start domestic flights. He had said that it would not be possible to start domestic flights without the cooperation of the states. For this, the cooperation of the states is very important.

Domestic flights have been closed for almost 2 months

Let us tell you for information that domestic flights were stopped from March 24 due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country. And since then a single domestic flight has not been possible due to people lockdown. However, after the tweet by Aviation and Civil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, this expectation has increased. Now domestic flights will start in the country soon from 25th May.

The aviation industry has lost billions of rupees due to the lock-down. And some companies have reached such a condition that they are seen to be paying a lot of salary to their employees.


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