Domestic flights may start in India soon


A good news is coming out in the midst of the corona virus epidemic in India. Domestic flights in India can be started soon. However, there is no information about when international flights will start.

India’s Aviation Minister Hardeeppuri said that domestic flights can be started from May 15.

We Are planning

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Domestic flights

Hardeep Puri has said that we are working on the same plan to introduce domestic flights. And domestic flights can be started in the coming few days. He said that domestic flights can be started at any time on or around May 15.

Hardeep Puri, while speaking to Outlook magazine, said that the cooperation of the states is necessary for starting the flights. Because we also have to see how the infrastructure is there. It will all depend on these things.

Final decision still to be taken

Hardeep Puri said that the final decision regarding domestic flights has still not been taken. And this will all depend on the state of the coronavirus epidemic. If the coronavirus epidemic conditions are correct, w e can start domestic flights.

Domestic flights can be started from green zone

Hardeep Puri has said that in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, it is easy to start domestic flights from the Green Zone. But if you look at the conditions, there are as many metro cities as India. All of them have red zones. In such a situation, we cannot leave them completely.

Making road map

Hardeep Puri has stated that a roadmap will be issued before commencing domestic flights. The work is going on This road map will act as a guideline. Which all states and companies need to consider.

Now it will be interesting to see how long does it start flying? However, Hardi Puri has given 15 dates for this.


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