Dehradun Travel A beautiful city situated in the lap of nature.


If you are traveling to Dehradun, you will see a beautiful city situated in the lap of nature. From Delhi you will get both train and bus to Dehradun. Dehradun is located at a distance of 270 km from Delhi. In such a situation, you can reach Dehradun easily.

The most special thing about Dehradun is that you get to see the beauty of the city as well as the natural beauty here. In such a situation, if you want to see the beauty of the city and nature together, then you can travel to Dehradun. On the first day, I used public transportation to visit Dehradun. However, you can also rent a bike or car to visit Dehradun. I will not make you cab as it is very expensive.

Sahastradhara Dehradun

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Sahastradhara Dehradun

During Dehradun Travel, I made up my mind to visit Sahastradhara first. And as I have already told you above, I used public transportation to roam the first day. First I went to Darshan Lal Chowk to go to Sahastradhara. And from there sat in an auto. These autos give you access to the IT park. For this you have to spend around ₹ 15. By the way, if you want to go directly to Sahastradhara, then you can also take a bus from the parade ground. From here the bus will take you directly to Sahastradhara. As soon as I reached near IT park, I got a ticket booked for a bus there. And directly reached Sahastradhara from here.

The distance from Dehradun to Sahastradhara is about 15 kilometers. And the road here is also very good. It takes you about 45 minutes to reach Sahastradhara Dehradun. After landing at Sahastradhara bus stand you have to walk about 1 kilometer. After this you reach Sahastradhara.

The flow of water in Sahastradhara is very fast, so you need to be very careful here. By the way, here you will find lots of people taking bath. People come here to enjoy bathing. In such a situation, if you are going to Sahastradhara, then take bath once. By the way, the weather is very pleasant here all the time. In Sahastradhara, you will also find a temple of Shiva. For Sahastradhara, you also get ropeway facility. And you have to spend ₹ 300 to go on both sides. As soon as you reach above the ropeway in Sahastradhara you will find a DJ in front. You can dance here. You can also do gaming here as well. There is also a beautiful restaurant here. In such a situation, if you want to enjoy food in the litigants, then you are welcome as well as a Sai Baba temple in Sahastradhara. Apart from this, there are some very beautiful points here, where you can take a selfie.

Enjoy the local market Dehradun Travel

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paltan market Dehradun

While returning from Sahastradhara, you can also do some shopping in the local market here. You will get a lot of options here. When you come back from Sahastradhara, from here you reach Tehsil Chowk. This is a local market here. From where you can do some shopping. Also there is Indira Market nearby, if you want to do clothes shopping then you can go to Indira Market.

Paltan Market Dehradun

As you move through Indira Market, you see a clock tower in front of you. Also, if you move a little further, you get to see Dehradun’s largest market platoon market. You will get a lot of crowd here. Here you can buy a lot of things including electronics clothes accessories at low prices. Here you will also see 1 mall. If you are going to the platoon market then you should not forget to do the local food test of Dehradun. By the way, I forgot to tell you one thing, if you are going to the platoon market then you should not forget to go to Tibetan Market. You will find very cheap clothes here and that too in good quality.

Robbers kev Dehradun

Robbers cave Dehradun,Dehradun travel story,
Robbers cave Dehradun

Robbers Kev Dehradun was the second day I was for Robbers Kev from Dehradun. You will get the Robbers Kev from the parade ground. Although you take it off 1 kilometer. And you have to walk 1 kilometer. You can take the slippers to wear here because you will go wet. Because if you go inside the shoes, your shoes will be weak. There are 10 charges of charging slippers. There are 10 papers. You can return your shoes, and can return your shoes.

Robbers Kev will go to you early morning, then there will be an advantage for you that at that time you will not get to see more tourists here. I also got out sooner for Robese Kev. So also with you here, there will be a lot of shops and restaurants also. You will find the food. You can eat. The Robbers Kev’s entry ticket is for 20.

If you go to Robbers Kev, then it may be a lot of mismanagement for your life. And perhaps my travelal is the most beautiful Moment of your travel, and that’s why you are a thing to do. The inside of the robbers is the punch of the car. And just let the children and old on inside of the bus. Just because you want to be more fresh on the bus here and you will come here.

Robbers Kev Bastily is a river. In which you will find a lot of caves. It is two times in the bottom. Robbers Kev’s most rainfall is 10 meters. Also with a special thing is that it is a natural. If you are traveling to Dehradun and Robor Kev has not come to believe then travel is for you for your dehradun.

Tipkeshwar Temple Dehradun

Robbers went to Tapekella after the Kev. It is located in Ma Dehradun. As soon as you go inside the Tipkeshwar temple, why do you know why this temple call the Tipkeshwar temple? Well, the Tipkeshwar Temple is located at a very beautiful place.

The name of the Tipkeshwar Temple has been due to its roof. The tree of the Tripéswar temple gradually digested, and you see the drowning of the water from here, along with the goal of the Tipkeshwar temple, you will also see a river too. If you are looking at hungry then you have a good news for you here You will find the goal. Wherever you can eat free on you.

F.R.I. Museum Dehradun

F R I Musium Dehradun, Dehradun travel, Dehradun travel story,
F R I Musium Dehradun

After Tipkeshwar Temple you go to F.I.R. Museum will see you here to see a big big building. Basicley here is located at a very place at the same place. F.R.I. You must take a ticket for Museum to Museum. FRI Museum is open from 5:30 to 5:00 pm from 5:30 pm. FRI Museum is a institute.

Flag G Sahib Temple Dehradun

Flag G Sahib Temple is located near the Dehradun railway station. In this way you should definitely go to the flag G Sahib temple. You can also spend here sometime alone.

If you are traveling to Dehradun, I want to tell you one thing and here you will not find the Ola and Uber bike. In this case you can resort to the Rapido bike here. Rapido bike also offers bike service like Zaul and Ola. That is quite affordable.

How much cost will be in the Dehradun

If you are making a travel plan for Dehradun, you will find here for the hotel in 7 700 for 1 day. You can go for more than 2 days to roam Dehradun. Well, you can also go to Mussoorie. Also you will have to spend more than Rs.5000 to go to the food. Drinks, Also, you will have to spend about 3 3000 to go to Dehradun. Although that overall you can go here 6 to 7 7000

. Now if we talk to Dehradun’s season, you can never go to the right here. You will not find any problem related to the weather here. But if you go to the beginning of August here, you will get a different experience. Because in this time the most weather here is here, and in the end there is a very best weather here. And finally just keep the nature of the same thing.


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