Coronavirus Traveler Alert, Most Tourist Places Are Closing


Corona virus travel alerts, most tourist destinations are closing.

All countries are being affected badly due to Corona virus. If you are thinking about traveling to any place in any country or India, first get complete information about that place. Because of the Corona virus, most of the tourist places are being closed these days by the state governments. At the same time some tourist places are also being closed by the Central Government due to Corona virus.

All tourist places are closed in Mumbai

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Coronavirus travel alert

Corona virus has hit Mumbai the most. According to the information so far, 41 coronavirus positive patients have been found in Maharashtra capital Mumbai.

Section 144 has been imposed in Mumbai due to Corona virus. Which means that no more than 4 persons can gather in one place.

Due to Corona virus, it has been decided to close the famous Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai for the first time in 200 years.

However, it has not been decided yet to discontinue public transportation in Mumbai.

Apart from this, most of the tourist places in Maharashtra have been closed.

Coronavirus travel alert,Coronavius effect in Uttar Pradesh right now

It has been decided by the Uttar Pradesh government to close large tourist places like Taj Mahal Fatehpur Sikri due to Corona virus. In such a situation, if you are planning to roam in Uttar Pradesh, then postpone it for the time being.

Coronavirus travel alert, All tourist places are also closed in Delhi

Corona virus has also hit Delhi. According to the information so far, 6 coronavirus positive individuals have been found in Delhi. The Red Fort Rashtrapati Bhavan, Purana Quila, Delhi Zoo and all other tourist places in Delhi have been closed due to Coronavirus.

Apart from this, almost all the tourist places in Uttarakhand have also been closed. As well as the famous tourist site National Gym Corbett has also been closed.

Vaishno Devi Yatra halted

The voyage of Vaishno Devi has also been stopped due to coronavirus effect. According to the official website of the Shrine Board, the journey of Vaishno Devi has been stopped due to coronavirus until further orders.

Apart from this, the Sai temple of Shirdi has also been closed due to Corona virus. Apart from this, large temples like Mahakal Temple have also been closed due to coronavirus effect.

Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. At the same time, corona virus has been declared an epidemic in India

In such a situation, if there is not much required, then postpone your journey for the moment.

Travel advisory has also been issued by the Government of India regarding Coronavirus. In which it is said that if there is not much required, then put your journey for the moment.

If you are a travel blogger, still postpone your travel for now. Or forward them to the front. It will be good for you and probably all people.

Also, if you are returning to India after traveling from abroad, then get your coronavirus checked at once. If you have slight symptoms, consult a doctor directly. And get your examination done according to the doctor’s advice. At the same time, the Indian government has now taken another step to fight the coronavirus. Now private labs have also been authorized to investigate the corona virus. This means that apart from government labs, coronaviruses can be tested in private labs as well.

Coronavirus patients are increasing continuously in India

The number of coronavirus patients in India is steadily increasing. And this number has increased to 150.

If you are traveling anywhere in India, do not forget to wash your hands frequently. Also, do not forget to use the mask while traveling. Remember, nobody should be misled. And use masks. The use of the mask is completely safe. And it can be a good option against coronaviruses.

Also, avoid getting in contact with as many people as possible to fight the coronavirus. Also, if you have to go to a party or wedding, then do not stay there too long. Do not come in contact with more people. Use Namaste instead of shaking hands. By the way, many big leaders of the world like Donald Trump UNO and many other organizations are still using Namaste. In this case, you can also use Namaste instead of shaking hands.

And finally as always the most important thing is to keep nature clean and tidy.


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