coronavirus travel alert, air India resumed booking for international flights.


coronavirus travel alert, air India resumed booking for international flights.

If you want to travel abroad, this Air India has brought a good news for you. In the midst of the corona virus, Air India has once again started booking tickets for international flights. If y\nou want to go to Singapore USA or UK then you can travel by Air India. You can do this Yadh Yatra anytime between 7 May to 14 May.

Who can go in these planes

Coronavirus travel alert, coronavirus travel update,
Coronavirus travel alert

In fact, foreign citizens are trapped due to coronavirus in India. And if such citizens want to return to their country, then they can book on Air India flight. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, if you have a valid visa or you are a citizen of a country, or if you have a valid visa to stay for more than 1 year of a country, then you can also travel between Air Coronavirus by Air India flight Can. This journey can be done from May 7 to May 14.

Let us tell you that apart from Britain, America and Singapore, these flights will also be started in 64 other countries. Citizens of India stranded abroad will also be brought back by these flights. Let us tell you that the number of such citizens is being told around 15000. In such a situation, Air India among the Corona virus has brought this happy news to all. Temporarily correct, but international travel has started.

Let me tell you that due to corona virus, both international and domestic lifting is currently stopped. Also, all the trains, except the laborers, have also been postponed to the present in India. But this facility has been started by Air India to evacuate foreign nationals trapped in India. Under which foreign citizens can return to their country if they want.

How much will the fare be

If you want to fly to Singapore from this flight started in the middle of Corona by India, then you may have to pay from ₹ 18000 to ₹ 20000. On the other hand, if you want to go to the UK, then you have to pay ₹ 50000 fare. The same if you want to fly from India to America by Air India flight, for this you will have to pay ₹ 100000 fare.

What did the aviation minister say

Actually, Union Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri had informed in a tweet recently that foreign nationals stranded in India will be sent back to their country. At the same time, Indians who are stranded abroad will also be brought back. But this time the flight will not be free for them. They have to pay for it. Let me tell you that there was a dispute in India about the rail fare from the laborers. After which the Government of India has taken this decision.


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