Coronavirus effect, you will not be able to travel to any country for 1 year!


All activities are currently closed due to the corona virus epidemic. It is expected that due to this coronavirus epidemic, you will no longer be able to travel to any country for 1 year.

All countries have sealed their international borders due to the coronavirus epidemic. And no citizen is being allowed to enter.

Will not be able to roam in any country for 1 year

The impact of the corona virus epidemic is going to last for at least 1 year. In such a situation, you will not be able to forget in any country for 1 year.

All countries, however, have begun to exempt themselves after the coronavirus epidemic. But international borders are still sealed by all countries.

However, some countries are preparing to open their tourist places. But it is not decided whether international tourists will be allowed to enter their country or not. The first name of these is from Spain. Much of Spain’s GDP comes from the tourism sector. In such a situation, it has become a necessity for Spain to reopen the tourism sector.

Spain is expected to open its international border to British citizens for the first time in nearly a year. So that his tourism industry can get a boost again.

Let me tell you for information that most of the British citizens visit Spain. In such a situation, Spain would first open its borders to British citizens.

It will take time to become a coronavirus vaccine

Waiting for your visit also depends on the vaccination of the corona virus. The coronavirus vaccine is still in its early stages. And there is still no time fixed for its creation. However, it is expected that this vaccine will be available in the market by February.

It was earlier being said that by October or November, there may be a market for coronavirus. But now it does not seem to be happening.

Oxford University is making Corona virus vaccine

The world’s greatest hope is from Oxford University. Oxford University is located in the UK. And she is engaged in developing a coronavirus vaccine in partnership with private companies. And to some extent it has also succeeded in making a coronavirus vaccine.

Oxford University has also started manufacturing and producing the coronavirus vaccine. For this, Oxford University has tied up with various private companies of the world. However, it cannot yet be called a fully successful coronavirus vaccine. Because it still has many stages to go through. Its use on humans has not yet been allowed.

Even after the Corona virus vaccine will take time

Even if a vaccine is made of the coronavirus, its delivery is time consuming. Actually, even if the corona virus vaccine is made, now the vaccine will have to be made with millions of vaccines. And no one knows the time it takes.

By the way, according to WHO, the delivery of corona virus vaccine can take up to 1 year. But even if it is speeded up, it may take at least 6 months for the delivery of the coronavirus vaccine. And in such a situation, let us assume that for 1 year you cannot go to any country.

Tourist industry is most affected in the world

If a tourist is the most affected due to the Coronavirus epidemic then that tourism industry. The tourism industry has also been affected because tourist places are very crowded. And there is a high risk of coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, all countries have closed tourist places. However, now some countries have talked about opening tourist places for their domestic tourists. But it cannot be said how long this tourist destination should be open for international tourists.

Crores of people have been unemployed

Millions of people have become unemployed due to the impact of the corona virus epidemic, in fact, millions of people are connected to the tourist industry all over the world. And this makes their living. But now they have also faced a crisis of livelihood.

The same YouTube related travel channels are also stalled at this time. Most YouTube channels located on YouTube no longer have content to upload to YouTube. In such a situation, YouTube is also losing crores of rupees every month.


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