Corona virus effect on travel may reduce Palace on Wheel fare


Coronavirus impact on travel and tourism.

The tourism department has already started preparing for the effects of Coronavirus. The Palace on Wheel fare from Rajasthan can be reduced due to the Corona virus effect. The tourist minister of Rajasthan said that we can reduce the fare of Palace on Wheel, India’s most luxurious train after the lockdown opens, in view of the effects falling in the tourism sector.

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Coronavirus impact on travel

Let me tell you that the most luxury train running in India is the Palace on Wheel. Also, this train running in India has never been in deficit.

The tourist minister said that we are already preparing the conditions after the corona virus to attract tourists.

The tourist minister says that we are talking to travel agencies, travel guides and everyone. And after everyone’s suggestions, Coronavirus is ending and people are considering a tourist policy for the downs. So that tourism in Rajasthan can be promoted. Let us tell you that tourism is given the status of industry in India.


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