Big news, airlines can start operations with these conditions


Airline can soon start their operations in India. Let us tell you that the government is preparing to start the airlines back from May 19.

Currently only domestic flights will be allowed.

Flights can start from May 19

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According to media reports, from May 19, the government is preparing to start the airlines back. Under this, only domestic airlines will be allowed.

There are currently no plans to introduce international flights. Because India has kept its international borders sealed to prevent the corona virus epidemic. And no flights are allowed to enter the country without permission.

However, special Air India flights are going to other countries to bring the stranded Indians abroad. But it is going to other countries only with special permission.

At the same time, foreign nationals stranded in India are also being sent back to their country by special flights.

For citizens who do not want to return to their country, the visa has been accident.

Airlines may increase fares

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In view of the corona virus epidemic, Sakar will now allow airlines to commence operations, with only 50% capacity.

In such a situation, 50% seats will remain vacant in airlines. This may increase your rent. It is being said that airlines will charge you almost double the fare.

Now it will be interesting to see whether people would prefer to travel by airlines by paying so much fare. Let us tell you for information that recently Indian Railways has started operating some of their trains.

It is difficult for airlines to pay salary

Due to the corona virus, the airlines of the airlines are constantly standing at the airport. In such a situation, it is now difficult for airlines to pay employees. At the same time some airlines have started cutting their employee salaries.

It is being said that the employees may be laid off even after the corona virus. Airlines can do this to cut their expenses.

Food will not be served on the flight

To prevent coronavirus, you will no longer have food on the flight. However, this may allow you to take food in flight from home. Some biscuits and snacks may be offered for longer-haul flights. However, the news about it is not confirmed yet.


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