Aviation sector is increasing difficult due to Corona virus


The whole world is being affected by Coronavirus. And because of this the economy of the whole world is collapsed. And the whole world economy is heading towards a deep recession due to the corona virus.

In this case, the coronavirus has had an impact on the aviation sector as well. Aviation is one of the areas where corona virus has been the most affected.

Let me tell you that since coronavirus started. Since then international and domestic flights have been closed in almost all countries.

According to a recent report, 85% of domestic and international flights have been closed all over the world.

How will domestic and international flights start

Aviation sector in coronavirus pandemic, coronavirus,
Aviation sector in coronavirus pandemic

Currently all international and domestic flights are closed all over the world due to the corona virus. But now preparations are being made all over the world to start domestic and international flights between Secorona virus. We take an example of India here. Preparations are being made to resume international flights at India’s largest Indira Gandhi International Airport. And it is also being taken care of that social distance should remain in the midst of people.

The strip is being constructed specifically for social distancing at Indira Gandhi International Airport. At the same time, shells are being made to keep distance between the visitors. So that people stand in the middle. And remain a similar distance between them. The effort is currently being seen as a preparation to resume international and domestic flights between Coronavirus. Because if the domestic and international flights are not resumed in the coming time, the international aviation sector will be in serious economic crisis.

India will learn to live with the corona virus

According to a statement from the Chief Health Officer of India recently, he said that now we must have learned to live with these conditions of corona virus. Which includes international and domestic flights. If we look closely at his statement, he believes that now all the areas will have to be opened slowly. Which also includes aviation sector.

How will international and domestic flights start

The Corona virus epidemic has caused so much damage to international and domestic flights that it will be able to reach its former before 2022, it seems difficult to happen.

Now in any aeroplane, passengers will be seated with one seat vacant in the middle. In this way, 50% seats in each aircraft will be empty. But this has raised hopes of resuming international and domestic flights.

Airfare will be expensive

If 50% seats remain vacant in a plane, it can increase the fares of international and domestic flights almost twice as much in the coming times. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how many people would like to sit on the flight after paying so much fare.

People’s income is decreasing

Even if we assume that international and domestic flights can be started by keeping 50% seats empty. Yet another problem will come in the midst of this corona virus epidemic. And that is the low income of the people. The employment of crores of people has been lost due to the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, their income has also been affected. Now people are also afraid to travel outside. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see whether people would like to sit in any flight in the midst of this pandemic environment. In such a situation, if passengers come less. And less than 50% seats are admitted in a plane. Then it is bad news for international and domestic flights. Because the garden area is already undergoing difficulties.

Domestic flights resumed in China

China where coronaviruses first spread. Domestic flights have now started there. And it is being said that where rail traffic has also started. In such a situation, a good news is coming out in the middle of the corona epidemic. However, there are allegations of hiding the figures of the corona epidemic and spreading of corona by China all over the world including India.

However, international flights have not started yet. Because all countries have sealed their international borders due to the crying epidemic.

At the same time, in India also, Air India, the state-run airline of India, has resumed its flights. Air India has launched its international flights in India from May 7 to May 14. Foreign nationals stranded in India in these flights will be released back to their country as well as if an Indian is in a country, and wants to come back to India, then he will also be brought to India safely.


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