Aviation sector is in trouble due to Lok Down


The fifth phase of Lok Down has begun in India. But the aviation sector is still not fully open. However some domestic flights have been introduced. But it does not seem enough to save the aviation sector.

Let us tell you that the fifth phase of Lok Down is going on in India. This has made the tourism and aviation sectors in a bind. Let me tell you that the aviation sector in India is already in debt. And this folk down has increased its difficulties even more. Now international flights will not be able to start for another month. And if the international flight is not started for 1 month, the aviation sector will certainly have more difficulties.

Aviation sector is in debt

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aviation sector

Is undergoing difficulty because of lock down and coronavirus. The aviation sector is already heavily in debt. There is no airline company in India that is currently running in profit. However, SpiceJet is definitely getting an operation profit. But this is not enough.

The same coronavirus epidemic has caused the airline companies to sink even more into debt. The government has directed the same aviation companies that they cannot reduce their salary. In such a situation, aviation sector has become even more difficult.

Let us tell you for information that the highest expenses of airlines are on salaries. Fuel comes after it.

How long will the operation of airlines start?

Indian Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has expressed the hope that all flights related to the aviation sector will begin by Diwali. However, if the airlines could not start the flight even till Diwali, then their difficulties would increase even more.

The same can tell you for information that all domestic flights have been started in the fifth phase of lock down. But international borders are still sealed. Due to which international flights have not been introduced in the country for the time being.

At the same time, international flights have been resumed in countries like Europe and America. But it is limited to a few select countries. While international flights to India are completely closed. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how long the Indian government is able to keep international flights completely closed.

Aviation sector expansion has stalled

The aviation sector has come to a complete halt due to the corona virus epidemic. However, some domestic flights have been started now. But aviation companies wanted to expand. Their expansion has stopped.

Speaking to a website, the chairman of the Vistara airline has said that we wanted to increase our number of international flights. But everything has stopped because of the corona virus.

He said that we were going to order 4 aircraft from the Air Bus Company. But their delivery is late. At the same time, the one aircraft that we have is still standing. And it is not being used.

He said that there is a lot of potential in the aviation sector in India. And we are looking at expansion. However, due to coronavirus, problems have arisen for us as well.

Let me tell you that Vistara is a Singapore company. Which has formed a joint venture with the Tata company of India. He said that we have only 5 international flights at present. And we will take it towards expansion in future. However it will be interesting to see that there is debt.

Air India sales may stop

Government of India wants to sell Air India to Air India. But due to coronavirus, the aviation sector is going through a very difficult period.

Let us tell you for information that the government has tried a lot to sell Air India. And finally the Government of India seemed to be successful in selling to Air India. But Air India sales were halted due to Coronavirus. However, now all airlines are under heavy pressure due to the coronavirus epidemic. And they also have heavy debt. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which company buys Air India? However now even if Air India is sold, its price may go down further. For information, let us know that the Indian government aviation company Air India has a debt of ₹ 50000 crore.

Aviation sector was not in good condition even before Coronavirus

It is not because of the corona virus that the aviation sector is in trouble. The coronavirus was in great difficulty even before the epidemic. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the aviation sector is caught in even more difficulties.

Let us tell you for information that airlines were constantly being shut down all over the world. However, the shutdown of aviation companies due to coronavirus has stopped. But as soon as it starts operations from back. Experts are fearing that once again the risk of winding up of airlines will increase.

Kingfisher in India and a US company have also been closed in recent times. And this trend continues. In such a situation, it is expected that the aviation sector in India can be given an economic package. However, how big will this economic package be? It will be interesting to see! The government had released a package of ₹ 20 lakh crore to give a boost to the economy of giving you information. Which included the aviation sector.

Now it will be interesting to see if the government will bring a separate economic package for the aviation sector?

Employment in aviation sector is in crisis

Due to this crisis on the aviation sector, it has created a crisis on the jobs of the people associated with it. However, no airline has announced to lay off jobs. But some companies have decided to cut the salary of the employees. And this reduction ranges from 25% to 30%.

In such a situation, people who are left with jobs in this sector are also considered to be getting less salary. The same experts are hoping that as soon as the lock down opens, the introduction of the employees is the same, so the airlines will have to fight because the virus is expected to go away so quickly in the people.


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