Are tour packages really cheap, know the truth behind tour packages.


Regarding the tour package, an atmosphere is created in front of us that, you have to pay only once, after that you do not need to spend any kind of money throughout the tour. You will also be able to cover a lot of space as well. And that too in a short time, it is also said that you only have to spend money on shopping. And you don’t need to spend money on anything. But is it correct? No, it does not happen at all. There are many expenses and truths that are hidden while giving you a tour package. So let’s know what are the things that you get in the tour package. Also, do you find good things in it and do it have bad effects.

Truth of budget tour package

Tour budget package
Tour budget package

I am giving you the example of Thailand today. Talking about 1 budget package of Thailand, it tells you food is included. While the truth is that only breakfast is given to you, not the entire meal. You have to eat morning and evening food with your own money.

How many days is the budget tour

Tour budget package
Tour budget package

Talking of a budget tour of Thailand, it is about 6 days. You are transported to the bank on the first day and transferred to Pattaya from there. You do not see anything and new destination on the way. This is your first day plan. It includes breakfast and hotel room for you. Then if you have to spend any other kind, then you have to do it yourself.

Also, you do not have to pay for transportation from Bangkok. It is included in your budget plan. But you will be surprised to know that you spend the first day in Bangkok only from one place to another. You are not taken anywhere.

Second day tour package in thailand

Now if we talk about the tour package here, then you are taken to Coral Island on the second day. It costs around ₹ 2000. In this way, you are shown Hotel Plus Breakfast and Coral Island. You are only taken to Coral Island throughout the day. And you are not taken anywhere. In such a situation, the second day is ruined by the tour budget.

If you have to travel to any place in Thailand for another day, then you have to spend at your expense. There is no role of tour package company in this. As well as the expenses will be your own. In such a situation, your tour budget of Thailand increases.

On the fourth day you are brought back to the banks from Pattaya. Even on this day, you are not roamed in any place. Also, on the fifth day, you are given an empty day. That is, you can roam anywhere on this day. But the thing to note is that your expenses will be in all these. Only Bangkok tour package company will bring you from Pattaya at your own expense. The rest of the cost will be yours.

And on the sixth day you are brought back to India. In such a situation, it is the story of the entire budget tour package. In such a situation, if you want to roam like this, then my advice would be that you do not go to Thailand. Because there are so many places where you can explore things. And you can enjoy your life. In such a situation, my advice would be to prepare a tour plan for yourself. And according to myself, if you do not get caught in the tour of any tour package company, it will be better.

How much is the tour package

Tour budget package
Tour budget package

If we talk about at least Thailand tour tour package then it is ₹ 40000.

If you check Make My Trip and other websites, then it can vary from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000. You will not see any difference more than this. Also, if the sale is going on at some point of time, then the difference in expenses can be maximum up to ₹ 5000.

Also to be noted is that you are granted Visa on Arrival facility in Thailand. But the money for this visa is also collected by the tour package company, which is around ₹ 5000. Here I am talking about the expenses of one person.

What is not included in the tour package

Now we are also talking here about what things are not included in the tour package. The first thing is lunch and dinner yes you are listening right. Most companies do not include lunch and dinner in your tour package.

If you are taken to any place to roam, then you will also have to pay the entry fees or ticket fees. It is not included in the tour package.

Some tour packages also show that your baggage charge is not included in the tour package. Baggage charge is the charge on your luggage when you go from one place to another. Which is especially seen in Air Asia. In this case, talk to your agent beforehand whether you will be charged baggage or not. By the way, my advice would be that it would be better if you do not fall in the tour package.

How much will your tour cost?

Tour budget package
Tour budget package

I am talking about a tour package to Thailand here. Here we are taking the Thailand tour package as an example.

Suppose you have booked a tour package of ₹ 35000. And this tour package is 6 days.

Apart from this, you will have to spend ₹ 4000 on food in 6 days. Also, if we go to any place, then we assume ₹ 4000 as the total ticket cost. In this way your ₹ 8000 has been spent here.

Apart from this, you have to spend around Rs 5000 extra on Visa on Arrival. In this way, your tour package in Bangkok costs around ₹ 50000. Which becomes much more expensive. At the same time you are not taken to most places. This is another minus point of these tour packages.

Also if the weather is bad then your entire tour package will be ruined. Suppose you are being taken to roam some place on the first day, then you will not be taken to roam that place on the second day. If you plan a customized tour package for yourself then you can roam around comfortably any day. Also, your entry fees and other expenses will also be saved.

Also, you can stay in the hotel in which the tour package company wants you to stay. You cannot book a hotel to your liking. At the same time you are bound in the tour package of the company. Mostly you have to roam the same places where the tour package company takes you. In such a situation, you completely roam on the terms of the tour package company, not according to yourself.


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