Ajmer Sharif trip Everything starts with Ajmer Sharif here.


Ajmer Sharif trip, here everything starts with Ajmer Sharif. If you hear the name of Ajmer, you must first remember the name of Prithviraj Chauhan. But if you go to Ajmer, then you will see everything starting from Ajmer. It is not that there is nothing but Ajmer Sharif. But in Ajmer Sharif you will see a different bond. Which you cannot get to see anywhere else. The most important thing here is that of Hindu-Muslim unity, which fascinates you.

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Anasagar lake Ajmer

People of all religions reach Ajmer Sharif

One of the most special thing about Ajmer Sharif was that people of all religions reach here. Believe me like you, when I reached Ajmer Sharif for the first time, it was in my mind that only Muslims would come here. But it is not like that Hindus will be seen here, Christians and Buddhists and Jains will also be seen here. And this is what makes Ajmer Sharif different from other religious places. Apart from this, the culture here also fascinates you. Talking about Ajmer Dargah, Akbar also visited this Dargah thrice. And the largest of the Ajmer dargah was provided by Deg Akbar itself. Akbar traveled as far as Ajmer on foot. And on the occasion of the attainment of his son, he had provided the biggest leg of Ajmer Sharif. Which is still present in Ajmer Sharif. In fact, there is a strictness to cook the egg. In which food is made for the people. And in Ajmer Sharif, millions of people are fed food every day for free.

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Ajmer Sharif Ajmer

I did not make a mistake

When you enter inside Ajmer Sharif, there are some things to keep in mind. You must have a cloth on your head while visiting Ajmer Sharif. It is a symbol of respect according to Muslim religion. When I went to see, I was not aware of this. And I had to re-line. I wasted about one to one and a half hours in this affair. Therefore, take special care of this matter. Apart from this, when you go to Ajmer Sharif, there is also a chadar. You can buy sheets here from ₹ 50 to thousands of millions of rupees. However, according to your reverence, you can also offer a sheet, and there is no restriction for this.

Ajmer, Ajmer Sharif Hotel Rentals

If you leave the month of Ramadan and special festivals of Muslim religion, then you get to see cheap hotels in Ajmer. You can even spend from ₹ 300 to ₹ 700 per night to stay in a hotel. However, here you will also find five star hotels. But they are a bit more expensive which will increase your budget. Apart from this, you can also stop at Dharamshala in Ajmer Sharif. And these Dharamshalas will be cheaper than the hotel. It is the same as if we go on a foreign tour and stay in hostels there. Hostel culture is more famous in Japan. In such a way, you can save your expenses by staying in a good Dharamshala in Ajmer Sharif. In Dharamshala you will also get a good room for ₹ 150. However, you have to keep in mind that you will not go there on any big festival of Muslim religion. Otherwise you will have to charge a lot for Dharamshala too. And it can be more than about 1000 rupees.

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Anasagar lake night view image
Other places to see

If you are going to Ajmer, do not forget to go to Ajmer Sharif. Apart from this, you can also visit places like Ana Sagar Lake, two and a half day slum, Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Pushkar, and you can also visit Sili Seth. Apart from this, Anasagar lake is said to have been built by the Gods with their nails, and you can also see a two and a half day hut, which was formerly a Sanskrit school. But later Qutubuddin Aibak converted it into a two and a half day hut.

total expense

Now, if we talk about the total cost of visiting Ajmer Sharif here, then you can come here for 15 days for seven to ₹ 8000. And it is also very less. However, again let me remind you that there should not be any big Muslim festival during this time. Apart from this you can come here in any season. However, if you come here in winter or in the month of February-March, it will be even better.

This post has been written by Vikas Yadav.

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